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Zero no Tsukaima 2 started airing on July 8 2007, and via Haitian black voodoo magic together with a level 5 spell, I have managed to obtain a copy of it. Don’t know how many of you all have watched the first season, but I enjoyed it very very much. A year after it’s first season’s airing date, it is back again, loli-er, bigger and better!

In order not to spoil the first episode for those who have yet to watch it, I shall present my very own version of the first episode ^^: But before that, let’s have some Louise fanservice shall we?

   ^ Who doesn’t want a cute loli tsundere girl? I want one now!

    ^ Who pretty much blushes at everything ^^;

<May contain some spoilers> 

Now for episode 1 of Zero no Tsukaima 2 – Windbell Style!

   ^ Evil evil Louise.

Louise gives Saito a pair of glasses, for which he has to try to charm girls without it getting activated.


Saito tries to charm Siesta, by asking her silly questions like her blood type which somehow leads to a pair of pantsu flying out.

    ^ Those are huge knockers! 

Unfortunately for him, Siesta’s ultra big eyes repels the charming effect, which leads to Saito getting it activated.

   ^ Melons? Fresh Juicy Melons!

Saito has zero charm level. ^^; Absolutely zero charm level.


He then tries to charm Montmorency but fails to do so due to her rather short skirt and upskirt shot Saito’s getting.


Another Failure…


Which leads to many explosive treatments from Louise, his master.

   ^ Hmm…. Hot juicy kiss

Saito meets Henrietta later in the afternoon and with some kind of voodoo magic, manages to charm Henrietta ^^; 


She reveals that Saito’s mark is the key in charming girls and that he has to learn how to use it well.


Louise, realizing she has been defeated, starts crying..

   ^ Louise can be a great sword-wielder ^^; 

But not before long, she starts to whip Saito for managing to charm Henrietta. She hates to admit defeat.

snapshot20070711000621 snapshot20070711000639

And Saito continues to get tortune till the next morning… 

Episode 1 – Windbell Style Ends.

Anyway, the first episode of Zero no Tsukaima is pretty hilarious and has a new plot in it, which I shall not reveal lest spoilers for those who haven’t watched it.

For those who have yet to catch the first season (What have you been doing?!), do check the internets for it, I think it’s still available somewhere.

I can’t wait for the second episode!

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  1. Is it worth risking a lawsuit for? XD

    Anyway.. those “Glasses”…
    Those aren’t glasses..

  2. i havent watched the first season since it ended some time ago. I don’t think Saito was that perverted the first time round though. They’ve really ramped up on the ecchiness eh.

  3. Already watched the 1st EP will be posting more screens and stuff on it but I am tied up with the E3 thingy right now.. I love Siesta, Saito and Louise ^^

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