Hina-chan anyone?


Imagine having Hina-chan from Hayate no Gotoku sleeping beside you?

Not just that, she dons either her school uniform (sockings and zettai ryoukai included) or her PJs (ankles!) in that *ahem* fancy pose.

Not that I fancy Dakimakuras, but it’s just that Hina-chan’s on it.

Who can possibly resist?! It brings out 3 fetishes into one! Very nose-bleed inducing ^^; The dakimakura costs about ¥9,450 (approx the price of a eroge) so it’s up to you do decide whether you prefer hugging Hina-chan or having scantily clad girls on your computer screen ^^;

I just hope that there will be a much more ero/sexier pose of Hina-chan *ahem ahem*

so Hina-chan’s Dakimakura anyone?

Dimensions: 150 X 50cm
Price: ¥9,000 (Tax Included: ¥9,450)
Release date: Sept 2007 (Product Launch at comic market 72)*

Source: cospa <Link>

*2007年9月上旬発売予定 コチラの商品はコミックマーケット72にて先行発売されます。

There also seems be a Yahoo auctions bidding available here (1 day left at time of writing) 

Thanks bj0rn for the link.

(P.S Been busy of the late. Tests, cosfest and projects. Will resume update schedule as planned)


8 thoughts on “Hina-chan anyone?”

  1. ARGH! I wanted to post on that! But its ok! Hina-chan!!! *fap fap fap* Zettai Thights is good! but Pantsu and Ankle are good to! Either you cover em up! Or u show them all!

  2. @bj0rn: Hina-chan’s cute, and that’s the main point ^^;

    @ルルーシュ.ランペルージ: Spend it on something else!

    @Akai: Hahaha

    @Sabas: Yes, the gym shorts. Cameltoe anyone?

    @double: True. ¥9450 is pretty much alot of money.

  3. Hobby Search has it up for reserve for a lower price, but dang if it isn’t still expensive.

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