For all Akiko fans


For all Kanon fans (Especially Akiko fans)…

^ Found it on some imageboard so can’t confirm if it’s real or a fake. ^^;

Here’s some Akiko Jam for you ^^: You can now enjoy some Akiko Love whenever you have a breakfast consisting of bread and Akiko Jam.

Just remember that Akiko Jam has various after-effects which will differ from people to people.


Effects include tears coming from your eyes at a rate of 1895ml/s, fear of coming in contact with the Jam, increase in ‘Luv Luv’ level for Akiko.

Picture Information:


Artist: Zen
Site: Link


8 thoughts on “For all Akiko fans”

  1. The image at top… could you not have waited a moment longer before opening that door? Mmmmmm –

  2. @ojisan: Hm.. yeah. Should have done that ^^;

    @Kaori: Her jam is indeed 怖い(Kowai).

    @無名: 私全然食べたくない・

    @Akiraman: It’s just the taste, just the taste ^^;

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