New Lewd Textbook!


For those visiting Comiket 72 (Comic Market) this year can check out this book that will be on the third day of the event (Sunday, August 19th). Known as Shin Iyarashii Kyoukasho (新イヤらしい教科書 | New Lewd Textbook), a parody of the New Crown junior high school English textbook series.

<Links and Pictures May Not Be Safe For Work>

(Or you can call your boss over and view it together ^^; I’ve reduced the image size to 250 X 347 but you can click on the image for a larger resolution)

  Click on image for a larger picture 

This new release by the circle Tsukinowa / Iyarashii Kyoukasho wo Tsukuru Kai (”Let’s make a dirty textbook group”) comes after a online release several years ago of an initial twelve page New Crown parody which made the rounds of imageboards @.@

For those who will be attending Comiket 72, you can find the book on sale in block katakana “Pi”, space 15-a. I bet the book will be very very funny ^^;

I have also kindly uploaded the initial 12 page parody of the book.

And no, it’s not moetan.

Initial 12 page parody <Site Link(Not Safe For Work)
                                    <Download Link>

Site Link: Shin Iyarashii Kyoukashou <Link>

Source: Via Heisei Democracy 

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7 thoughts on “New Lewd Textbook!”

  1. That looks like Horikita Maki..
    Just for having her picture gives you 5 of awesomeness in my book.

    You sir, are a good man.

  2. Which day will they be at Pi-15a? The first, second, third or all three?

    Seems like I’ll be missing out on the first day due to other commitments but should be there for the second and third days.

  3. @tiny Red Man: Sorry if it made you sick ^^;

    @Hectic3: They will be there on the third day (Sunday, August 19th)

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