G’s Festival Vol 9 Little Busters Edition


Was supposed to do this post last week but I was terribly busy (Assignment due on Monday and Japanese test as well ^^;).

I have never bought a G’s Festival magazine before, but the lastest issue had really caught my attention. It was G’s Festival Vol. 9 Little Busters! Edition. (Damn, I’m gonna be a Little Busters! fanboy soon ^^;)


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The book consists of the characters’ information, storyline, maps of the places where events take place, scenario, interviews etc. , basically a “what you need to know” about Little Busters! Included in the book is also very very moe pictures of the different characters that will appear in the game.



Some character information pages…

   ^ Striped pantsu, Polka dotted pantsu, strawberry colored pantsu ^^

   ^ Saigusa Haruka. (Bet she’s a tsundere)

From the character information pages, I can’t believe this game is not an eroge ^^; Look at all the ‘suggestive’ poses and moe characters! It’s a conspiracy I tell you!

     ^ Komari with her hair being styled up with different accessories that includes stars.

    ^ Some illustrations that were featured in other G’s magazines.   


Of course, the book is just part of the deal. Here’s another reason why I got the book. Included in the package is the Treasure Box.

What’s in this mysterious Treasure box then? Secret guides to winning the game? A PVC figure? Invitation to the game’s release date event?


A fairly simple jigsaw puzzle, a mobile phone hanger and a Dakimakura cover! The Dakimakura’s double-sided so you can choose your favorite and ignore the other.

   ^ Photos taken from icie. Check out his post here.

 It’s my first touching and owning a Dakimakura cover ^^; Guess which side do I prefer?


And lastly, the magazine also includes a ‘personality’ test based on what you do with your Dakimakura and links it to the character you’ll most likely be in the game. It’s really a cute test actually.

 personality_daki1 personality_daki2
^ Scans ‘stolen’ from icie as well ^^; 

And oh yeah, the game’s out on 27 July 2007. Anybody grabbing it?


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  1. WHY DON’T THEY EVER MAKE BISHOUNEN DAKIMAKURA? As a female, I don’t see the appeal in hugging bishoujo. D:

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