Ignis the devilious hawt PVC


Those attending this Year’s Wonder Festival (Winter) might want to head there a little earlier (actually a lot earlier than usual).

Orchird Seed has unvieled the super limited edition of Ignis the White PVC figure for sale during Wonder Festival. This figure is indeed a Must-grab-or-you’ll-regret-for-the-next-10-years. It definitely looks very much different and better compared to it’s White counterpart, the reincarnated wedding dress version of Ignis from Nitro’s Jingai Makyou (Eroge, 2005)


^ Pictures shamelessly leeched from Heisei Democracy ^^;

What makes this figure even much more deviliciously hawt is that there will only be 200 sets available during the event at a steep price of 11,700 each which means it’ll probably be gone before you can even scream “YAMETE!”

^ White version for comparison purposes (No idea if it’s castoff-able)

Just remember to pack some itching powder and pictures of hawt eroge girls on Dakimakura to keep the competition away ^^;

Source: Heisei Democracy | Orchid Seed Gallery


9 thoughts on “Ignis the devilious hawt PVC”

  1. @ルルーシュ.ランペルージ: I guess it’s because it is not an option ^^;

    @LianYL: Do agree that the original looks better. But this one’s really good as well.

    @super rats: The red is indeed very striking.

  2. i don’t agree that the original looks better. i didnt give the original a second look, but the red one…well it turns on the desire gene in me.

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