Ignis and Shirley Fennette

Remember the red Ignis post about 2 entries back <Link>? Okay, Orchid Seed has now pictures of Black Ignis for it’s Wonder Festival lineup. No details on how many they plan to release but I reckon it is probably limited like Red Ignis.

   ^ Pictures shamelessly taken from Heisei Democracy. ^^; 

And oh, seems like you’ll be able to remove her dress and enjoy the wonderful view of her black pantsu (hmm….. XD)

Shirley Fennette fans can now start saving up to prepare to grab the figure when it’s out. The sculptor (Tohna-san) has plans to release the kit at events such as Wonder Festival but it would probably take some time before a PVC version comes along.


The kit looked kinda weird when I first saw it but I’m pretty much okay with it now. Shirley in a one-piece swimsuit with her bountiful eyes and sexy-o-body of hers, who can ask more? I just hope for a C.C figure soon ^^;


There’s also Kyou’s Imouto for all you Imouto lovers.

Images here are taken from Heisei Democracy. Shingo, please don’t kill me ^^;

Source: Heisei Democracy <Link>

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