Collaborative Digital Subbed Release: Byousoku 5 Centimeter




「えっ 何?」


It started off with a thought, followed by various discussions, a couple of late nights and finally a nostalgic sense of achievement that I’ve not felt in a long time. Icie and I had decided to embark on a journey – To sub Byousoku 5cm.

The vision of us subbing was simple; To spread this particular work that Makoto Shinkai had created. One that we can easily relate to. A simple dish of reality served. Why this particular work? It was possibly one of the most beautiful works he had ever done. I’m still experiencing the post viewing effects of Byousoku 5cm :p

I won’t go into the technical details of the subbing progress but we had taken approximately 2 days to finish. I haven’t had much prior experience to subbing so it was a pretty good eye opener for me.

Getting the raws for this release was easy was both of use had bought the Limited edition. Please do support by buying the Region 2 DVD or you could wait till December 2007 for the Region 1 release.

Subbing, is indeed tough work. Doing the translations alone requires literal-translational skills, a grasp of Japanese and lots of time and focus. We relied heavily on WWWDJIC for translating (besides the subtitle BMP images and the SRT). This ‘fansub’ is of-course done by fans for fans. Don’t be too hard on us if there are translation errors. Even with us having experience with the Japanese language, it was still hard to translate certain lines due to it’s context.

We had split the workload into half. I took “Oukashou” (30mins) and Icie took the remainder, “Cosmonaut” and “Byousoku 5cm” (30mins). Due to my lack of experience with translations and busy schedule the past few days, Icie ended up having to help sub part of Oukashou as well. I don’t know if it’s me or the movie, but I found my part pretty hard to translate. Googling up the names of train stations wasn’t very fun ^^; There were also references to Makoto Shinkai’s previous works, especially so when Akari and Takaki come across Chobi (In 「彼女と彼女の猫」She and Her Cat , the cat is also called Chobi.)

I was also very much affected during the part when Takaki and Akari exchange long distance letters. Makes me think that it is not entirely possible to do that now with all the technology advancements of Short-Message-Send (SMS), emails that are available on the mobile phone. I did wish for someone to write me, in order to fill the empty void in my heart :O

Despite all the challenges we’ve experienced,we have finished subbing it in a relativity short period of time. I don’t know if I should mention this but Icie and I did come to and agreement that we’ll stop subbing if another quality fansub group beat us it. But, I didn’t want to stop even if another group finishes before us. It was alot of hard work placed in it. With all that said, we finally finished the whole project at 5:12am. I can still remember some of the dialogues the characters used, especially the first lines of “Oukashou”. A little after that, a torrent was created and the spread started. I shut off my laptop, and joined the rest in the gathering. A milestone placed and happiness reign, I smiled to myself with a sense of accomplishment.  

Subtitle File: 
Download: Link
Format: Advanced Substation/Aegis Subtitle Script (.ASS)
Subtitle Language: English

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42 thoughts on “Collaborative Digital Subbed Release: Byousoku 5 Centimeter”

  1. Awesome. Thanks for the sub. Haven’t got the time to watch it yet, but will do soon.

    At least now, those people bugging me for a B5C sub can have it.

  2. ahh!
    thanks for subbing it!
    was thinking of getting the DVD ever since i heard about it, but i dont understand moonspeak :(
    any idea if they are gonna include subs in the region 1 or 3 dvds?
    (are they even gonna have a region 3 version? lol)

  3. So are those Japanese lessons paying off yet? Well at least going through the process of fansubbing something gives you more practice.

  4. Yay! Thanks for subbing it! Watched the first of the 3 short stories and have been dying to get my hands on the rest! Definately Makoto Shinkai’s best works :D cheers!

  5. I’ve been waiting the last 9 days for a sub! I’m going to buy it, but December is too long to wait for such a work of art in your native language. Thank you very, very much!

  6. @All: Thank you all. Though Icie should be given more credit as he did more of the work.

    @Adun: I guess they are. It’s very good practice actually.

    @The Ides of January: Ah, Japanese isn’t my native language ^^;

  7. Thanks for the hard work!

    Now to just get the timing right with my copy of the raw…
    If not I’ll be forced to download another copy…

    Then to wait for a R4 release.. might take a while.

  8. @Julius, u phail-
    @Windbell- best to ask permission to translate* the thing from the story writer.. =p poke me if u want clarification what i meant. What with all the legal stuff going on in SG right now, subbers are in danger, dying breed too. Then again, GANBATTE RELEASE SOON –

  9. wow! nicely done there =D good to see locals doing more than just plain watching of animes. and @__@ 2days to sub? 辛苦了~

  10. @tiny Red Man: No plans for one ATM ^^;

    @Liingo, jeroen, pp, RHX: Thanks!

    @Kozumura: If the raw providers ripped the movie from the dvd properly, the timing should be around the same. otherwise vobsub will allow you to delay (or push forward) the subs manually

  11. I tested it out, and it syncs alright.(though some lines seem to come in just a weesy bit quicker, it’s not major enough to spoil the experience.)

    Thanks for the subs!

  12. hey, Am wondering… Where did you guys download the 2nd part of Byoukosu 5cm? I’ve seen the 1st part 5 months ago and now, Am itching to get the 2nd part. I really love this show! :D

    Can anyone tell me where to dl “Cosmonaut” of byoukosu 5cm? THANKS IN ADVANCE

  13. @Schwab: Unfortunately, we bought the DVD and didn’t downlaod them. You can find the *ahem* subs *ahem* on your favorite torrent sites.

  14. I got to your blog by accident… while in search for, yes, byousoku 5cm, I have seen all of his works by now. I have though, trouble finding a sub besides having seen the first part.

    I must say although you may notnotice me in the crowd, thanks for the effort you took for this one special thing, I may have yet to see it, but the trailer alone make me want to cry. You’ve seen the movie so you probab;y know what I mean.

    But, have you ever thought on the OST? what are your, or yours, thoughts on having the OST of this movie, the piano work is amazing so far I have heard, the quality in it does differ from his previous works but is still, and more, touching. But then again, that’s just how I feel and I have a weak spot towards drama’s and piano.. and music all in common (piano).

    Maybe I should be a little more.. informative and actually “say” something rather than just spout words. Ugu~

    Well, more I have not to say, I will however.. see this page more often, since, seeing that you tried (that alone is enough).


  15. Well, i was watching your English translation on Byousoku 5 Cm with Icie. And i was very impress of your translation. And i was come up with ideas, that is translating your English translation in to my country languange, to Indonesian languange. So, i wonder if i have the permision to do that. Of course i will include you and Icie in my credit as the English translator for the anime.

    Thx before, and i was hoping on a quick reply.

  16. @crucif3x if you still see this, in my case i used vlc player, go to settings/ preferences. under video theres a subtitle section. go to the use subtitles section and select the .ASS file that our dear windbell and ice had created. and save the settings.
    reopen the video and there you go , the subtitle is there.

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