Video + ASCII + Javascript = Win!

   ^ Kagami dressing up as Rin kicks my fetishes 2-3 times! 

You have seen the making of images using HTML codes.

Ad also, photographic mosaic by using thousands of photos to create one.

But have you seen, video files made using ASCII and Javascript?!

I was linked to this video the other day and boy, was I blown away. It features Lucky Star’s OP in ASCII which plays exactly like a video file, only using javascript.

I’m still figuring out how to do the code executable for the javascipt. Converting the images to ASCII shouldn’t be that hard ^^; Probably very time consuming but hey, It will be fun! It opens another dimension of video creating in my personal opinion.


10 thoughts on “Video + ASCII + Javascript = Win!”

  1. Fucking god like. Damn Japanese really have no life.

    Well, I guess it’s a new way for the poor SG’reans to watch stuff now. JS + ASCII can’t possibly be banned, amirite?

  2. o.O

    I can imagine if a videos made this way would load extremely fast..
    The new generation of Video Streaming is amongst us!!
    Inspired by Black and White and Binary!! FTW!

  3. Look closer. The video shows an activex control being approved; it’s probably just a normal video player with libaa hooked in as a filter. It’d be /possible/ to do this in JS, of course, but I suspect the memory usage would be a real problem. Not to mention maintaining audio-video sync.

  4. @Kurogane: I have absolutely no idea ^^;

    @無名: I haven’t seen it around. Yes, got the nicovideo link as well ^^

    @bd_: Didn’t know libaa could be hooked in. But it looks more like he did it in javascript. They did show some scripts near the end of the video.

  5. howdy, i’ve been checking out your posts for the last week or so now and decided its time I commented to let you know that I have been really liking your posts – especially this one! thanks for always updating this website. I think others must enjoy it too :)

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