Lucky Star X Rozen Maiden

   ^ Come to think of it, Suigintou’s pretty cute as well ^^; 

What happens when Lucky Star characters ‘cosplay’ as Rozen Maiden dolls?

You get a whole lot of entertainment at a nice level!

I found this clip while surfing youtube the other day. It’s really crazy and somewhat funny. I really like how Kagami and Tsukasa have been given the role of Suiseiseki and Souseiseki, Miyuki being Shinku and Konata as Suigintou. The roles fit these characters very well probably except for Miyuki who needs to be a bit more demanding and ‘unappreciative’ of others.

The part where Konata ‘shamelessly’ declares that being a Loli is great is really funny. ^^;

There are 3 of these MAD videos out on youtube and nicovideo, but I decided to link the 2nd and 3rd as the first one isn’t that great. I really wonder how this MAD was made.

For those who would like to see the 1st episode, search for 「らきすためいでん」 (without the 「」) over at Youtube or Nicovideo.

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  1. Omg. is that a real episode? I’ve watched first episode of lucky star, and whole rozen maiden series…but. Tell me. IS THAT A REAL EPISODE?
    I’m stupid. Yeah, i know.

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