Moe cooler for you!


Is your laptop on the verge of overheating whenever you play eroges on it? Does your game console seem to be blowing out more hot air then usual?

A friend of mine in Tokyo showed me this link just yesterday and I feel that if I didn’t do a post on it, there would be no justice ^^;

Introducing “Sunokotan (Sunoko-tan)” , a cute heat radiator for PC, game console and DVD player manufactured by the company “Marudai-corp”. I have no idea what the company does but from the pictures in it’s main site, it looks like one involved in making metals and stuff.




Instead of the usual laptop coolers where they have fans attached and blowing towards the underside of the laptop, “Sunoko-tan” actually works more like a heat spreader. That is the idea I get from one of their page <Link>.

There are currently two designs available, one with the character on it and the other without. With a additional of just ¥200 to the plain looking one,  you can grab the one with the character. No need to guess which one I want ^^; 

For those wondering why they named their character “Sunoko-tan” , the FAQ explains that they makers actually based it on a image character they had in mind, so something similar.


There is also a web comic (4 Koma) on their site featuring the product and moe character.

Actually, I’m more attracted to the character design and cute aluminum radiator as it looks more aesthetically pleasing ^^;

Those who would like to order it can either try the site’s order page or HimeyaShop.

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Picture Information:

Artist: Piece-Kraft (?)
Site: Link


10 thoughts on “Moe cooler for you!”

  1. Eventually, we’ll have moe supercomputers and stuff too. Not that it’s a bad thing.
    I totally want one too, but unofortunately, it’s hard to get one at the moment.

  2. @Julius: Lol. and in the meantime you sit around n rot- Gotta admit that this is a pretty cool idea that would appeal to some.. /me stares at someone
    Then again, not everyone can come up with the same idea like this,r-ight?

  3. @Kurogane: I think they will be too cute that I can’t bear to use them ^^;

    @Zeroblade: Probably, but one with a customized moe OS interface would be great!

    @ルルーシュ.ランペルージ: Their idea’s pretty damned good I say.

  4. 2100 yen? Thats a fairly decent price. I think I’ll pick one of these up in Japan because not only is it a useful device, but it is also moe! The best of both worlds. Sunoko Tan is so cute!! She can sit on my erm laptop, anytime (*realizes how wrong that sounds*).

  5. @Anonymous: Never did realized ^^;

    @perplexus: Oh yes. It’s very moe indeed. And I do think 2100 yen is reasonable for a cooler, given that some of the coolers here cost more than that.

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