Tsundere Wars!


^ Rin is love but a bit of Shana won’t hurt ^^;

I was passed this link a few days back and didn’t know what to make of it.

Game company Giga (You may know them for their Baldr Bullet Revellion game back in 2006) will be including 「ツンデレ ウォーズ」 (Tsundere Wars) into the stuff they will be selling.

So what’s this Tsundere wars all about?

The main site <Link> didn’t really provide much info on the game itself, except for the fact that it is a side-scroller from which you choose one out of three characters and fight the massive array of monsters that keep coming wave after wave.


I am also wondering why it is called “Tsundere Wars” instead of some other name. The characters themselves do not really look like the type with Tsundere personality (Bit of generalization over there ^^;) but I can’t really judge the game with so little info.

Looks like a fun albeit seemingly standard side-scroller .I hope the game explains why they use the name “Tsundere Wars” when it’s out. ^^;

(P.S I’ll be busy the next 2 weeks preparing for my final exam before my Internship next semester ^^:)








9 responses to “Tsundere Wars!”

  1. Kurogane Avatar

    Blah, this people are over commercializing tsundere. They think they can slap the “tsundere” term on to anything and expect us otakus to buy? No wai.

  2. Aheda Avatar

    Well it worked with “Loli”..
    You can’t blame a company for trying.

  3. tiny Red Man Avatar

    good luck with ur attachment…and ur exams too..

    my course too, has attachments, and mine is due to be on 3 sep.. wonder which company i’ll go to..

  4. Crisu Avatar

    Looks a lot like AirRade.

    The title would only make sense if the characters were actually tsundere, as you wrote about. So if the game doesn’t have the rights and privileges to use Shana or Rin or Kagami, I hope, too, that there’s some backstory on these seemingly original characters they’re using.

  5. windbell Avatar

    @Kurogane: Haha. I agree with you on that point.

    @Aheda: But they didn’t name it as “Loli Wars” or something. Loli’s cute anyway ^^;

    @tiny Red Man: Thanks!

    @Crisu: Yup, definitely looks like AirRade as well. Do hope there’s some backstory on the characters.

  6. alafista Avatar

    LOL its like just putting cute loli tsundere charactrs into their Baldr Bullet Revellion forumla. Thats sooo uncreative, but still I think it will sell good.

  7. ルルーシュ.ランペルージ Avatar

    I can see it’s working on Windbell, again.

    2 : 0

  8. Josh Avatar

    Aww, I thought it’d be a fighting game… Kagamin vs. Haruhi (ep. 16) was over way too fast, I’d have liked to see more of that 😡

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