More drawing

   ^ No. I didn’t draw this picture but I really wish to be able to in the future. 

“Keep Practicing”

Anyway, here’s the progress I’ve made since the last ‘Drawing’ post back in June 2007. I deviated from drawing Komari (That’s the name of the Little Busters! character) but decided to come back and improve on her.

June 19th, 2007


August 8th, 2007 


I do think I have improved on drawing Komari. This is the third lineart of her and it is also one of my fastest and cleanest lineart to date. Probably it’s the new mechanical pencil that I’m using ^^;

Will try to post lineart of other characters as well. Komari looked so cute so I couldn’t resist doing this post ^^;

Maybe I should try drawing Rin or Haruka from Little Busters! next.

Picture Information:


Series: OS-tan <Link>
Character: XP-tan


10 thoughts on “More drawing”

  1. Your drawings are coming out pretty well! I’ve got some time in the next few weeks and I might look for a book about starting to draw.

    Keep up the good work, can’t wait to see more.

  2. I don’t know if I got it right, but:
    I’m the one who can’t draw… =P

    You’re drawing is ‘perfect’ =P (Well, you get the point…)

  3. not bad.
    you are getting the folds of the clothes nicely done. over time the ‘stiffness’ on your lines will be gone. you just have to keep on drawing (take as long as you like as long as the drawing looks good) to loosen your hand up…
    what i can reccomend if you are interested is to hit the streets and draw from real life. learn from observation and if you have other drawing fiends…i mean friends, you should observe how they draw to see how a particular line should look like.
    if you like you can join us when we go drawing (not often unfortunately)

  4. @Kaori, Otaku Surf, Fye_DX: Thanks! Will keep on drawing.

    @Zeroblade: I’m not too much of a Yuiko fan ^^;

    @Tragic Comedy: Thanks! I don’t know if hitting the streets and drawing from real life would be suitable for me. Might try drawing from Fashion magazines as a alternative. I don’t really have much drawing ‘fiends’. Don’t mind joining you guys so long my schedule permits. ^^;

    @tiny Red Man: After chatting with you, got a better idea of the whole templatae concept. Thanks for the heads-up!

  5. You’re not really drawing, you’re copying. I’m also copying to try to learn how to draw. I’ve been doing it for 8 years now, at a rate of maybe 5 drawings a year. Haha needless to say, I haven’t made much progress. Still, if I really put my mind to it (and my gum), I can produce a reasonably well done copy. It actually works to copy! I have a better understanding of where lines should go than I had before.

    So anyway keep it up! Those are really good copies!

  6. Thats some nice lineart there. Do you take drawing lessons?

    I recommend looking at fine art figure drawing, portrait drawing and human constriction books to get more ideas. It will help in your drawing and the more you know the human form it will come with ease regardless whether its a MOE character or a realistic human.

    And keep practicing

  7. @Joska: Thanks! I did ask around on how to improve on drawing, and the response was “Copy till it seems perfect” (or something along those lines). I do find that it is very good practice.

    @Akiraman: Never took drawing lessons (In the case of portrait drawings and such).

    I do find human anatomy books a pain as it is often very much detailed which turns me off. However, I will try looking at real life photos and draw from there.

    And yes, will keep practicing!

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