Itou Noizi Art Collection II OUT!

  ^ Green haired anime girls are pretty nice too ^^;

Recognize the artwork? (Answer’s pretty obvious ^^;)

Yes! It’s by Itou Noizi, the female Japanese manga and game artist who’s famous for her character designs for Shakugan no Shana and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. Besides that, there’s also Nanatsuiro Drops.


Don’t know how many of you have bought artbooks of her works, but apparently, 「いとうのいぢ画集II 華焔(かえん)」 (Itou Noizi Art Collection II) will be on sale on 9th August 2007 (which is today for some of us, and tomorrow for the rest).

What’s so special about releasing it on 9th August then?

Well, it’s the birthday of the renowned artist (Marking her 30th Birthday me thinks). Besides that, there will also be a whole lot of new artworks in the 2nd Collection book, making it a ‘must-buy’ for fans of her artwork.  



  ^ Pictures shamelessly taken from Akibablog <Link

For those living overseas (Away from Japan) can order it from <Link> at a price of ¥2,940. I am still debating on whether to get it via Amazon or from some other ways. Need to try to get my Amazon Affiliates account up and running but I’m currently experiencing problems finding the ABA number on the cheque. Anyone has solutions ^^;

Shipping is very expensive T A T

Credits goes to icie <Link> for the heads-up!

Source: Akibablog <Link>


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  1. [quote] Green haired anime girls are pretty nice too ^^; [/quoite]
    yes C.C is green haired.

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