Japanese Anime Mouse pads!

  ^ Tamaki-nee has big ‘eyes’

Do you fancy being able to rest your wrist on the arch of the ‘eyes’  of your favorite anime character?

Now you can! With those mouse pads which have ‘eyes’ on them, you can rest your wrist comfortably which is extreme useful when you’re planning to game all night long.

As you can see below, the mouse pads are actually ordinary mouse-pads with the anime girls printed onto it and their eyes ‘implanted’ (Can’t think of a better term ^^;) onto the mouse pad which sizes about 24cm X 29cm X 4.5cm (Width, Length, Height). The average costs about ¥3600 and above, which is quite a bit of money! 


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   ^ Shamelessly taken from Moeyo

The first two are from the eroge Chu X Chu <Link> which was released back in March 2007. The last one’s Maho (She’s only 14!) from the DS game Doki Doki Majo Shinpan! I wonder why are her eyes bigger than the rest ^^;

Also, if you have noticed, the size of the ‘eyes’ are the same as how they appear in the eroge. There are also smaller ‘eyes’ for those who prefer them ^^;

   ^ Taken from Hobbystock 

Mouse pads like these have been around for quite some time but it seems to be only recently that they were given widespread treatment. I think I might grab the ones from Chu x Chu. They give out a rather ‘Moe~’ feeling inside (The girls I mean) ^^;

You might also want to check out Danny Choo’s post on “Japanese Relaxation Techniques” <Link> which features the mouse pads that were given a size increase and can be used as a head-rest instead. I generally prefer anime mouse pads though.

Source: Moeyo <Link>


13 thoughts on “Japanese Anime Mouse pads!”

  1. I’d buy them.. if 1) local stores would stock up on those and, 2) if I had enough money.. though I’d probably only store them in a safe place in my room, as I wouldn’t want my prized possession to get worn out.

    That, or it’s embarassing when someone comes into your room and sees you resting your wrist upon “a girl’s bumpers”. :3

  2. f*** Dannychoo, his stupid “big eyes” meme seemed to get caught on now.

    – Comment editted by admin

  3. Yeah, when you used “eyes”, I suddenly thought of Danny. Not that I’m complaining about that; I’m totally fine with it.

    I would totally want one of those, but only if their melons are well developed. I wouldn’t want a flat mouse pad for the same price, do I?

  4. @meganeshounen: Haha. True. But I find it real cool to use one of those.

    @double: I’ll if I do get one.

    @Akiraman: That means there are alot of these over in Akihabara?

    @Zeroblade: Of course I would want one that has melons if I’m paying the same price. ^^;

    @tiny Red Man: I have never though of that!

    @kristalyamaki: Hahaha. To each his own I guess.

    @Joe: They cost about 52SGD (33USD~) on the average. Not really too expensive nor that cheap.

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  6. You know, I think these are both good and bad. I think in a way they’re cute (and I’m a straight girl, btw.) Although I’m not into the whole “ecchi” aspect of them, I think it’s kind of a funny/cute idea to really bring the characters to life–deffinitly would be a great gag gift. Even though technically they are intended to be ecchi… Even though that doesn’t really bother me though, I would never get one for work. I’d also probably try to hide it if I had company around the house… so in that way, it’s bad. Unless your visitors think it’s funny or share the same interests, I don’t think I’d leave that out.

    What I”M really interested in is a way they can tap into the market for female buyers. I would totally get an Ouran mousepad. Maybe it could be like how they have different sizes for those, they could do small wristpads for a male’s pecs? Probably wouldn’t be as popular, but I’d be far more comfortable with that than getting an ecchi mousepad of a female. I would feel weird enough having girl characters for desktop backgrounds, let alone using her bewbs as a wristpad.

    I’d even be happy with just a decorated mousepad itself and a bare wristpad. That’s what I’ve been trying to find, actually, but the only anime ones with wristpads are these kinds. Anyway, like I said, I think they’re not that bad, but they should try making some targeted for women too.

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