Manga Cafe in Singapore?!

  ^ I wonder if they have cute waitresses ^^; 

This is definitely shocking!

I was checking out “The FØØL’s Progress” when Zer0 mentioned the newly opened manga cafe “Manga Oasis Cafe”!

There was a link to their website which is currently still under ongoing construction but part of it is up. The site however is really terribly designed which is a major turnoff.

 It aims to promote Singapore Manga artistes at their Suntec City shopping mall outlet and also offers manga lessons to aspiring manga artistes.




3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983

But I wonder why did they choose Suntec City for their outlet. The rental prices there are probably going to be way expensive.

Well this be the next otaku hunt? I really don’t know.

I’ll check out this cafe sometime soon, probably throw in an review if possible. Will keep you readers updated on it!

14 thoughts on “Manga Cafe in Singapore?!”

  1. Well, I’ve seen a manga cafe in here (completely in Japanese, unfortunately) and it looks really nice inside. Basically hundreds and hundreds of Japanese titles and a whole bunch of tables and chairs, each individually separated, for your reading pleasure. Pity about the site’s design though, it looks worse the one here and that one uses Multiply already.

  2. wah looks nice, but the menu ~_~ only drinks on the site, don’t know if is worth going or not, but since is suntec, will check it out this sat.

  3. @zenical: Definitely big news. I do hope they get some news coverage.

    @Zeroblade: Wow. Hundreds and hundreds of Japanese titles! I would love to visit a place like that!

    @Forwho: That’s great!

    @Tragic comedy: I won’t have time to go there next week. I have a couple of exams to fight ORZ

    @pp: Do give us a short review if you did indeed go!

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