Comiket 72 Want-list


Didn’t name it as Buy-list as I realized I won’t be able to import it in due to it’s ero-nature even if I managed to grab them ORZ Damn those customs!

Anyway, Comiket 72 (Comic Market) has just started today! It will be held at Big Sight for the next two days (17th – 19th August). What’s so great about Comiket? Well, Comiket is one place to grab Comiket-limited doujins released by artists that spent a lot of work and time on drawing and doing a book. What will my Comiket 72 Want-list be then? More after the jump!

I had intentionally wanted to do a post using the data icie from has collected. However, that would be mere copying and won’t do any justice ^^; Icie was okay with so long I don’t do direct copy & pasta.

You can check out icie’s coverage over here and here.

Most people especially watch out for the goodies that appears on the last day of Comiket. This is as the last day it known as the “Ero day”, where most of your ero-doujinshis that contain your favorite characters in very very ero poses and doing very erotic things that requires the viewer to be 18 and above.

1. Information
c72mu Title: 人間不信 (Ningen Fushin)
Artist: Yukiwo
Circle Name: Fukunoren
Location: A-17a
Date: 19 August 2007
Nature: Ero
Site: Link
2. Information




Title: 花鳥風月フルカラーイラスト本 (Kachou Fugetsu Full Illustration Book)
Artist: Akane Ikegami
Circle Name: AMR
Location: East Shi-28ab
Date: 19 August 2007
Nature: Unknown
Site: Link
(Click on the banner with Konata to get to the page with the stuff their selling at C72)

Besides the Illustration book, they will be releasing a 2007 Summer set, which includes:
–  Paper bag
– A clear poster
– Pencil board (Shitajiki)
– Hayate no Gotoku paper fan.

There is also a Konata (Lucky Star) glass mug featuring her with 3 other year 1s.

Finally, a Fate towel from the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s series. Nice towel deshou? 

3. Information
title2@ Title: Eye’s Only
Artist: Amane Hibiki
Circle Name: Brain Soft
Location: East Ne-06a
Date: 19 August 2007
Nature: Unkown
Site: Link

I have seen their works floating around the Internets once. It’s really moe~ ^^;

4. Information




Title: Lots of Love (To Heart 2)
Artist: Yohichi Ariko
Circle Name: Arestica
Location: East A-71a
Date: 19 August 2007
Nature: Ero
Site: Link

A 108 page B5 To Heart 2 Fan book Remix.

Title: Traffics 02 (Dennou Coil)
Nature: Ero

A 24 page Dennou Coil Ero-doujin. Can’t believe there’s a ero-doujin of Dennou Coil. Can’t wait to see it! ^^;

Title: Chelsea Dagger (Code Geass) 
Nature: Ero

Note: Book Cover ‘Laughing Man’ marked. You can view the original over at the site

52 page Code Geass ero-doujin. Comes with a two-sided color folder. The color folder looks good!

5. Information



Title: Rainbow II (Gift Eternal Rainbow)
Artist: Mitha
Circle Name: Indico Lite
Location: East4 Shi-85ab
Date: 19 August 2007
Nature: Unkown
Site: Link

Besides the collection book, there will be a telephone card, “CLEAR” handkerchief and a pencil board.

6. Information




Title: cute uniform vol. 02
Artist: Mibu Natsuki
Circle Name: Lily Lily Rose
Location: East A-36
Date: 19 August 2007
Nature: Ero
Site: Link

Nature: Ero

Besides the two doujins. there is also a clear folder based off “cute uniform” 

The artist has also announced that it feels the same as winter comiket (Or something like that ^^;)




7. Information








Title: サナリカまじょのはつ恋 (Sanarika Majou Hatsukoi | Sana & Rika’s Magical First Love(?!))
Artist: Mikeou
Circle Name: PINK CHU CHU
Location: East-3, A-41ab
Date: 19 August 2007
Nature: Unknown
Site: Link

Early birds will also be presented with “Moe Tsubo 10”, a limted “First arrival present” (8 Pages)

Title: Chronicle2
Nature: Ero

Chronicle2 is a full color 100 page CG collection and illustrations from 1999 – 2007 (Total of 150 illustrations.)


Title: ホントのキモチ (Honto no Kimochi | True feelings(?!))
Nature: Ero

Lewd boook with 44 pages.
(View original cover at site)

Title: Clover2
Nature: Ero

28 page lewd-illustration based on the TV anime series Sister Princess.

Smile Summer Again
Nature: Unknown
Media-type: CD-ROM

Smile Summer Again would be definitely something you might want to grab hold off. It’s the 4th collection of Mikeou’s CG CD-ROMs.

The theme for this collection’s Summer and contains high resolution wallpapers.









There is also a Summer set being sold as well.

The set includes:

– Telephone card
– 2 Standees (Cardboard pop-up)
– Mousepad
– Clear fan
– Omake Booklet
– Bag

8. Information




Title: Eternal Melody StrikerS
Artist: REI
Circle Name: REI’s Room
Location: Shi-51b
Date: 19 August 2007
Nature: Unknown
Site: Link

Full color 20 pages illustration book based on Nanoha. There will be a 8 page monochrome book “Lyrical Note 3.5” bundled as well.


38cm x 38cm Nanoha & Fate bag that will also be on sale.

9. Information




Title: Darlin’2 FREEZE!!
Artist: Takanae
Circle Name: Takanae
Location: A-02a
Date: 19 August 2007
Nature: Ero
Site: Link

(Click on Information on their site to get to their comiket sale items)

24 page Lucky Star doujin featuring the main 4 characters (Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, Miyuki)

Goods set

Title: 疾風怒涛 (Shipou Dotou(?!)
Nature: Ero

20 Page Hayate no Gotoku ero-doujin.

– A pair of clear stick posters
– Clear Shitajiki
– Paper bag

Website also did announce that customers should come early if they want to get the goods set as they are limited.

10. Information


Title: Honjitsu no Kyougetsutei 5 (The Real Kyougetsutei 5(?!))
Artist: Miki Miyashita
Circle Name: Kyougetsutei 
Location: East 1 A-04
Date: 19 August 2007
Nature: Ero
Site: Link

Color illustration and manga book.

There is also a face towel and 2 Code geass doujins “Engage” (Euphie) and “Sweet” (Nunnally)

11. Information


Title: Spyder
Circle Name: FMO
Location: A-14b
Date: 19 August 2007
Nature: Ero
Site: Link

Title: Matatabi
Nature: Ero

Full color H-doujin. I think I have seen his works somewhere. Can’t really remember ^^;

12. Information





Title: Candy Mint (Fate/Stay Night)
Artist(s): Mako Tatekawa
                 Setsu Yuena
Circle Name: WNB
Location: Ko-49b
Date: 19 August 2007
Nature: Non-ero
Site: Link

28 page monochrome non-ero doujin.

Title: Mizore Iro Ehon
Nature: Unknown

20 page full color illustration book.

Louise from Zero no Tsukaima telephone card and Shitajiki set

Fate/Stay Night Mug featuring Saber in maid uniform! 

Rin X Louise Stick Poster
(Event limited, Limit one per person. Early arrivers will receive one free if 1000 yen spent.)


Finally, there is also Kuemaya’s Doujin <Link> with 3 ero-doujins featuring Tohsaka Rin from Fate/Stay Night. YES YES YES! *nosebleeds* I didn’t add it to the list as I’m wasn’t sure of the dates.

The circle will be at Comiket tomorow (18 August) over at East Ti/Si-60ab (東 シ-60ab)(Not too sure) 「希有馬屋」「YAOROZU.CO」 and then on 19 August East Ti/Si-31a (東 シ-31a「井上屋」) and Ti/Si=31b(東 シ-31b「A.F.S.」). The one on 19 August is probably a placeholder to sell the books as well.

What do I recommend you getting first then? Well, get #2, 4, 7, 10, 12, 13. Those will be what I wish to get as well ^^; Especially #7’s Chronicle2 and Smile Summer Again, #10’s Honjitsu no Kyougetsutei 5, the whole of #12 (WNB stuff are very high quality and you won’t regret it! I guarantee on that. One of my fav. artist) and #13 if you’re a Rin fan like me ^^;

For any kind souls out there who will be going to Comiket, please help me get #7, 10, 12 and 13 ^^; Will collect from you when I’m in Japan or something. Oh! Feel free to print out this post if you like. Helps navigate your way on sunday!

Would like to thank icie again for letting me use his post as reference!

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11 thoughts on “Comiket 72 Want-list”

  1. You’ll just have to scourer YJA if you want some of that stuff. Or go to Japan during Winter Comiket with me! Might be able to find some of those in Akiba!

  2. @Adun: Unfortunately I can’t head to Japan during Winter Comiket as my internship’s ongoning during that period. There is a 2 weeks break for us students but I have no idea if I’ll be entitled to it. ^^;

  3. @Kurogane: I see the individual torrents popping up!

    @bj0rN: T2’s pretty common (as in most people know his work) so I didn’t add it into the list. Besides, I have already done coverage on him

    @Danny Choo: Do hope you manage to grab them. It’s a fight amongst the otakus!

    @notfair: It’s really not fair isn’t it :) Hope to go in the future.

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