Comiket 72 Day 2 Missed! Plus a drawing.

   ^ No copying this time. It’s a original character!

Just finished replying an email from Kiddokenshin who was at Comiket 72 (18 August). Seems like he didn’t managed to grab hold of the stuff I wanted as they were all out of stock! 日本人は早い! It’s his maiden voyage to Comiket so I can’t really blame him. I do have to thank him for getting me some doujins though. おつからさまでした! 

Anyway, for those who are going to the “ero-day” of Comiket 72 tomorrow (19 August), do check out my previous post “Comiket 72 Want-list” that consists of a list of items which I highly recommend you to get your paws on.

On the side note, I won’t be doing much posts till next Friday as it is my final examination (Of my Diploma Course) the whole of next week and I need to cramp more of that IT stuff like “Group Policy” , “SNMP” , “Linux and Samba” etc into my brain.

And a favor to ask from readers of this blog who are going for Comiket tomorrow, Please please please help me grab #7, 10, 12 and 13 (Refer to previous post, numberings on the left). There is also Azamiyuko Sensei under the circle “mariendistel” (East 4 Hall, MO-01B”(東4 モ-01b)) with her book “Alice’s closet 2007 summer”. Looks great! More over at “Otaku Events” by Danny Choo.


I do really want that Ero-doujin of Tohsaka Rin from Fate/Stay Nigh (Booths: 東 シ-31a「井上屋」, 東 シ-31b「A.F.S.」) ^^; I’ll collect from you guys when I get to Japan or something.  

For those wondering about the drawing at the top, it is a little something for all readers ^^; Drew this yesterday. Paid more attention to the hand and the boobs this time but the hair’s rather shoddy ^^; I realized that I should draw simpler characters and accessories as my work would tend to be much dirtier and uglier if I did a rush job. Hope you guys like it!


7 thoughts on “Comiket 72 Day 2 Missed! Plus a drawing.”

  1. @bj0rN: Thanks!

    @double: Comiket stuff are usually limited-events only, which means that the chances of it getting sold outside these events rarely happen. And also, they are doujinshis as well.

  2. Nice work on the drawing! I wish I was as good as you are! There’s little difference between this and when you were copying, so why not just stick to this? Compared to you, I’d say my copying is better, but my drawing is 10x worse than yours!

    Anyway keep it up, we need to support eachother!


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