Comiket 72 Downloads!

^ Taken off C.C reminds me of C72. 

Quick update during my tea break.

Comiket 72 (C72) is finally over! I hope those who went for C72 managed to grab the stuff they wanted ^^; You can see some this year’s C72 coverage over at “Comiket” post, Kiddokenshin “コミックマーケット72-夏、2日目…” and ron~’s “Comiket Day 3, Cosplay Photos” for some cosplay fix (I see some cute and sexy girls ^A^.

For those who are unable to grab C72 stuff due to their geographical location (Meaning a whole lot of us) , no fret as kind souls have uploaded C72 stuffs online via bittorrent technology. Just go to the usual place and do a search. I heard there is even a 58GB (@_@) Batch torrent of C72.

I managed to grab my first Comiket item off auctions ^^; It’s a C72 Tohsoka Rin RONDE ROBE Clear Folder + Telephone card! Waiting for the items to be shipped to my friend.

   ^ Picture shamelessly stolen from one of the auctions ^^; 

For local readers, do remember that KKnM’s Chara Festival <Link> is this Saturday, so remember to grab some of that money in your piggy bank to buy some stuff.

Also, I will be heading to Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival) which is also this Saturday so please look forward to my coverage. Hope to take pictures of kawaii girls in Yukata(s)/Kimono(s). Can’t take any low angle shots though ^^;

   ^ ”いっぱいなのですよ~” (Ippai nano desuyo~) (Common phrase in your ero-anime

Need to get back to studying for tomorrow’s paper. It’s a very important exam ORZ

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