Comiket 72 Downloads!

^ Taken off C.C reminds me of C72. 

Quick update during my tea break.

Comiket 72 (C72) is finally over! I hope those who went for C72 managed to grab the stuff they wanted ^^; You can see some this year’s C72 coverage over at “Comiket” post, Kiddokenshin “コミックマーケット72-夏、2日目…” and ron~’s “Comiket Day 3, Cosplay Photos” for some cosplay fix (I see some cute and sexy girls ^A^.

For those who are unable to grab C72 stuff due to their geographical location (Meaning a whole lot of us) , no fret as kind souls have uploaded C72 stuffs online via bittorrent technology. Just go to the usual place and do a search. I heard there is even a 58GB (@_@) Batch torrent of C72.

I managed to grab my first Comiket item off auctions ^^; It’s a C72 Tohsoka Rin RONDE ROBE Clear Folder + Telephone card! Waiting for the items to be shipped to my friend.

   ^ Picture shamelessly stolen from one of the auctions ^^; 

For local readers, do remember that KKnM’s Chara Festival <Link> is this Saturday, so remember to grab some of that money in your piggy bank to buy some stuff.

Also, I will be heading to Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival) which is also this Saturday so please look forward to my coverage. Hope to take pictures of kawaii girls in Yukata(s)/Kimono(s). Can’t take any low angle shots though ^^;

   ^ ”いっぱいなのですよ~” (Ippai nano desuyo~) (Common phrase in your ero-anime

Need to get back to studying for tomorrow’s paper. It’s a very important exam ORZ



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  1. Akiraman Avatar

    All the best with the Exam

  2. alafista Avatar

    LOL what do you mean by the “usual place” care to share more in details? Maybe you can email me. Thanks in advance.

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