Tsundere Wars! Game Review

  ^ Name that picture anyone? ^^; Low angle shot!

Remember the game I had mentioned a few posts back?

Found it on my favorite site and decided to give it a go!

Yup, I have tried it and completed it! It’s really simple actually… but first I’ll go through some of the basic functions.


This picture will tell you all you need to know about your characters.

I’ll do a bit of introduction.

Starting from the left, magic user Tohsaka Rin I mean Lily Sheerfield. Her attacks are the fireball and electric ball(?) and her charged attack consists of a ray of electric charge .

On the center, Katori Rea , the maid of my household who throws coffee cups and uses slices of strawberry cake as homing missiles. Her charged attack is a gigantic roll cookie (?!!) that clears out anything in it’s path.

And lastly, on the right’s Sawaki Rinna, an energetic girl who uses a pair of basketballs and explosive earrings. Her charged attack is actually throwing the enemy forward. More explanation later.


What’s my favorite character then? It’s actually the maid “Rea”. Her homing strawberry cake slices and roll cookie are pretty much a dangerous pair. The roll cookie can save your life in drastic situations and the slices allows you to attack an enemy even if it’s out of range from your forward attacks.

Lily, is pretty alright as her charged attack allows you to continously attack the enemy till your gauge’s empty. Rinna just plain useless IMO (In my opinion) as even you can throw the enemy forward, it’s just a useless skill when you are fighting against a boss.

image024 image027

The gameplay of Tsundere Wars is pretty simple. Like your normal side scroller, you attack, dodge enemy attacks, use specials etc. Controls are “Z” for attack, “X” for special and “C” for pausing. However, there is one thing special about Tsundere Wars – It’s Gauge system (Just a name I though off). Forgot to mention that the speed of this game is pretty fast ^^;

What is this Gauge system then?


During gameplay, you might notice this gauge at the bottom left of your screen consisting of red and blue diamonds. The red ones represent your charged attacks and specials while the blue is your ‘Life’ or the number of hits you can take. Balancing the both is extremely crucial in the game.

You don’t want to have too much of charged attacks/specials or too much of ‘life’. You gain an extra diamond slot when you level up.

(Probably the red and the blue represents the ‘tsun tsun’ and the ‘dere dere’ personalities. Can’t have too much of either ^^;)

How do you gain them then? The red diamonds are gained by attacking enemies. The blue diamonds regenerate constantly, even when not in battle.

  ^ Notice the diamonds overlapping 

They overlap each other so do use them wisely. Somewhere in the game, you might realize that you have too much red diamonds… what do you do then?!

You can actually use them, by either using a charged attack or your specials.

  ^ Rea with her special.  

There are actually more tips I would like to give.. but it’s better to play the game and find them out yourself ^^;

And oh! When you finish the game using all three characters, you get to access the four wallpapers in the gallery. I have uploaded them here <Link>  


And below’s abit of a gameplay video I have for you guys. Basically it covers the whole of the first stage.

More screenshots below.

image006image017 image019image001


11 thoughts on “Tsundere Wars! Game Review”

  1. @Asheigh: Ah! Thanks for the heads-up.

    @Karry: The game could be easily completed within 10 mins, but yeah, it gets boring after a bit.

  2. That game looks nice, but the system is a bit lacking in technicality.
    Reminds me of Gradius and Parodius of late, with a witch-esque atmosphere. The game is not looking that fast, but it is decent enough for one to dodge bullets and shoot all enemies in sight.
    I like the Hit system otherwise.

    As for the first picture, some pervert will get his share of broom whacks. ^_^;

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