Wonder Festival 2007 Summer Figures

  ^ Need a Konata Figure based off this ^^;

Was browsing through Moeyo just a few hours back when I saw their excessive photo coverage of WonFes 2007 Summer. There are indeed lots of new figures to choose from and also not forgetting some of the older ones.

Moeyo’s coverage spans over 7 posts. I’ll just be selective and choose the ones that are nice ^^; Tastes might differ.

(Pictures are taken from Moeyo and the respective sculptor’s site)



First up is the very very high quality gothic lolita punk (Don’t know if the term’s correct) Ayanami Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion brought to you by atomic-bom.

Can’t really remember what atomic-bom is famous for but they do alot of Rei and Asuka figures if memory serves me right. They also did the Nono figure from Aim for the Top 2!/Diebuster!


Next, we have this cutie pie over at 「水着天国」 (Mizugi Tengoku | Swimsuit Paradise/Heaven) booth.



This is a pretty nice figure I think. Lots of potential photos that can be taken. This pose reminds me of the split-second where the male character opens the bathroom door where the female character is just about to take of her undies ^^; Do hope the cast lines of her undies gets fixed.

「水着天国」 seems to do alot of scantily clad female anime figures with sultry looks and big “eyes”. This is probably one of the better ones IMO.


Following that, we have Magical girl Ayaka showering magical moe-ness over at RyuuRyuuTei’s booth. You might remember Shirley Fennette’s figure by Tohna-san over at RyuuRyuuTei.



A very moe magical girl indeed! I don’t mind having her by my desk. Wonder when it would be out. Really like the frills on her dress. Very dynamic!


Finally, Chu Chu figure from the eroge ChuXChu Idol!


213 215

This one’s from 「ま・わ・る王国」 booth. I really really hope this one comes out as a high quality figure if it gets mass produced as it looks great! Improvements on the guitar may be needed but you can probably find a replacement for it. Just hope there’s more information on this one soon.

That’s probably all I would like to cover for now.

(P.S Just finished my exams so I would be resuming normal posts. Give me a while to warm-up and get back on my feet though ^^; Will also be heading down to Chara Fest (Hopefully) and Natsu Matsuri and do photo coverage off those events ^^;)

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  1. @pp: Just wait a while more and they should be on sale I think

    @terry: I really like that figure as well. Very cool.

    @alafista: Haha. You mean you want to eat her? :p

    @lu-k: Konata’s dad would love that pose

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