Chara Fest 2007 Impressions

  ^ Nyaa~! *Nosebleeds* 

Remember mentioning it a few posts back, and here’s some coverage of the event.

But first, I’ll do a bit of introduction of what is Chara Fest.

Chara Fest is an annual event by KKnM which began in 2004 (somewhat by accident). It is a one day event where various goods ranging from event/shop exclusive to normal major summer release in Japan are released and sold. This year, KKnM is proud to provide some items from 2 major events held recently in Japan; Comiket 72 and C3XHobby.

Source: Bj0rn’s “Otakus Guide To Chara Fest 2007

I didn’t grab anything during Chara Fest as I’m broke and had to do photo taking ^^;

Picture 002

Reached KKnM over at Sunshine Plaza just a little before 10.30am where a horde of otakus have already began to form a line and taken their que numbers. I heard that there are some that camped overnight the day before, starting at 10pm @.@

At around 11am, the shop finally opened and everyone grabbed their lists and prepared to enter the shop. I bet the shoppers were all anxiously waiting for this moment.

Picture 004
   ^ Look at all the stuff! There’s even a Wedding Dress Cagalli Doll (C3XHobby)

Keith, the shopkeeper doing a quick scan of the list. I bet the first few bought a lot of goods

Picture 005

Picture 006
  ^ Umehiko from “The Bonkurasu Brigade” with her purchase.  

Picture 007

Picture 009
   ^ A lot of Shakugan no Shana stuff.
 Picture 011

Picture 013
   ^ This guy bought the Zero no Tsukaima Big Micro Fibre Towel, a C72 exclusive @.@

Picture 020

Picture 022
  ^ To Heart OVA Paper Bag set. Very cute characters. Names anyone?

Picture 029
   ^ One customer bought the Cagalli Doll! FYI, it costs S$338! @.@

Picture 035

 Picture 036
   ^ I think this guy bought a lot of stuff as well. 

Picture 044
   ^ The active calculations of individual items.

Picture 062
  ^ Bj0rn from got this. A “All Around Type Moon” Clear Poster Set @ S$150!

Picture 102

Picture 066
   ^ An even longer queue from the non-members.

Picture 071

Picture 078
  ^ Some “Sky Girls” thing.
There was also a Figure Time Service Event where PVC figures get a 50% discount! I didn’t grab any due to the lack of cash ORZ

Picture 116
   ^ “Getsumen To Heiki Miina” Figure I think
Picture 121
  ^ The figures are calling out to the otakus! Buy them! 

Picture 122
  ^ This guy grabbed up 4 figures in a go! Talk about impulse buying! 
Picture 128

 Picture 086
    ^ I found it intriguing so I had to take several shots of his shirt. 

This is actually the first Chara Fest I have attended. A real eye opener for me. Photographing this event was tough I would say, as there were so many shots to be taken, angles to calculate etc. Overall, I had much fun photographing and soaking up in the ‘Otaku’ spirit as the rest had. One thing to note though, I should bring more cash with me the next Chara Fest ^^;

P.S I need to collect my gift from KKnM!

\Photography Notes/

Equipment used: EOS 400D + Kit lens 18-55mm + Canon Speedlite 580EX

Several of the photos were shot with flash but I decided not to use flash for the rest as I didn’t find it that necessary.

Picture Information:


Artist: Kamiya Tomoe
Site: Link


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  1. Being a photographer at an event usually means that you don’t have time to look around and shop. Happens to me all the time, or I’m catching up with a hundred people, lol.

  2. omg the shinigami no ballad files look awesome. i was gonna buy but my budget wouldnt orz
    btw whos the other guy with the camera? looking for him to ask for pics ^^;

  3. @Adun: I guess so. You’ll have to snap pictures all the time.

    @double: Didn’t get anything as I was broke :/

    @leefe: The other guy’s AkaiWolf. I don’t know his website link though.

    @Akiraman: Have to check out with the store. Hope it’s not ^^;

  4. Oh god… that TM clear poster sets I wants ;__;. There’s even a lounge area in the middle of the store o__O? I find that “relatively” fat white guy there amusing and extremely out of place lol.

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