Kanu Unchou White Gothic Lolita Ver!


Armed with a “Guandao” (Chinese Pole Weapon), dressed in beautiful Gothic Lolita outfit and a pair of boots, this hot babe is probably one of the otaku’s dreams – or is she not?

I present you, Kanu Unchou from Ikkitousen!

<Warning! Picture Intensive Post!>


I have watched the first season of Ikkitousen, but didn’t really enjoy it that much as it involved much fighting and fanservice. I won’t say Kanu is one of my favorite characters, but in such an outfit, she’s definitely a must buy for me.


What I really like about this figure is it’s hair. The way it defies gravity but still keeping within limits. Look at how it flows!  




I just love this shot. Can’t find any words to describe it!



Don’t let her current appearance fool you as she’ll bully you! I kid you not! As the phrase goes, the scarier on the outlook, the kinder the person is at heart… or so what they say to little kids ^^;

Uchijima Yasuhiro, the sculptor of this figure has done a really good job in making the overall feel of this figure great! Very aesthetically pleasing.


   ^ I don’t mind helping her loosen that knot ;-)



 There is also an option for those who have bought this figure – To cast-off her skirt or not.

I generally prefer it to be left on as it looks pretty weird without it.



Was kind of disappointed when I realized they were white. Wanted them to be lacy or something ^^; 

There are a couple of small paint defects here and there but they don’t seem obvious unless you are really nitpicky and carefully inspect the figure.


Mr Pig tried to steal a peek at Kanu’s pantsu but was terribly roasted and served when Kanu found out ^^; 



I then got Kanu to try her hand at a couple of weapons which she kindly obliged. Should hire Kanu as my personal bodyguard. She’ll take em’ baddies out in no time! 

Product: Comic Gum Figure Collection – Kanu Unchoo White Gothic Lolita Ver.
Anime/Game: Ikkitousen
Produced by: Wani Books
Sculptor: Uchijima Yasuhiro
Scale: 1/7
Material: PVC
Release Date: August 2007
Price: ¥4,523
Available: 1999.co.jp (In stock)

This is a relatively short figure post (words wise) compared to the previous few as I didn’t know what to write. Just let the pictures do the talking ^^; Will make a wallpaper out of the last picture if possible.   

\Photography Notes/


The set-up this time is a little different from the previous photoshoots. Besides the usual lamps, I have used a laundry washing bag that I ‘stole’ from one of the hotels during my stay there. It acts like a diffuser + white tent top. Also, used custom WB (White Balance) and a remote shooting using a 400D compatible remote.

Also connected the camera to the laptop via USB to preview pictures on-the-go using EOS Utility.

\Post Processing/

Not much of any form of post processing except for resizing of pictures.

8 thoughts on “Kanu Unchou White Gothic Lolita Ver!”

  1. Haha last picture makes me laugh ^^
    Mine just has been shipped, so can’t wait to receive it hehe :)
    The waves of her hair is what makes Kan-u so… let’s say, “kakoii”!

    But I’m still a bit worried about the quality :?

  2. Hi i was wondering if there is a slight shade of purple on the figure?

    I just received mine today, and it was quite purple-ish.


  3. I received my Kanu a couple weeks ago. Love this girl, she is my favorite ikki tousen character. And most beautiful, sensual girl. I love her figure and the way she is posed.
    Her hair, too,…the purple mixed with the white outfit is all justice. This particular figure
    of her, the way she is sitting, ready…so sensual in the way she is either going to seduce you or take you out! Nice layout on the shooting, the light and shading, brought out the
    same as I see my Kanu.

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