Natsu Matsuri 2007!


Attended Natsu Matsuri 2007 a few days back.

This year’s Natsu Matsuri was being held at The Japanese School (Changi Campus). It’s a pretty big campus I would say but the only thing is that it’s all the way in the east! Traveling there would take about 1hour 30mins @.@

<Warning! Picture Intensive Post!>

This year’s my third time attending this event and I must say it’s pretty good. I managed to grab tickets from my secret source which means that I could get into the school straight without queuing for tickets ^^;



The queue was terribly long ^^; They had to snake back and forth. Didn’t pay much attention to those queuing and went straight in. Good to have contacts to get tickets from!


Entered at around 6-ish. There wasn’t many people crowding the main area as they were all over at the food stalls grabbing the main dishes (a.k.a dinner)


The guy on the right is a portrait artist. His drawings are very good. Too bad I didn’t take a picture of it ORZ


Cute Japanese girls in Yukata/Kimono at the front!


Each person has 10 general purpose coupons for purchases for food and games. There is also a main dish coupon for main dishes. Not to forget a “Phototaking Japanese girls in Yukata(s)” is included as well.


A Coupon Sales booth for erm.. the selling of coupons.


The lady in blue at the booth is pretty decent looking.. from the side that is :/ 



One of the main dishes. Bento I think. Had curry rice though. 




Mass gathering of the people. By this time the main event has stared. Performances on stage include Hip Hop dance, Taiko Drum, Dance etc.

Just noticed the anime-girl mask at the bottom ^^;

Headed back to the stores to grab some more food and drinks. The crowd’s real crazy here. Not as bad as Comiket though.



Notice how I obliterated part of the crowd with the flash…


 Bon Odori, a.k.a Japanese Folk Dance. I did the dance last year but not this year as I had to do event coverage. The dance is fun though, and I recommend you to try it. The lively spirits of everyone.


Kids went up on stage in groups and boy, are they cute kids!





This lady here seems to be the main performer/coordinator for Bon Odori.

I have seen her during the previous 2 Natsu Matsuri that I attended in the previous years. Her voice is very distinctive.


Kid looking at how the dance is done. Pretty cute >_<





I left the main area then and proceeded to the Games area. It was equally packed as well! I guess in events like these, queuing is also part of the festival.


There was the usual games – Goldfish catching, Basketball etc. I met up with my friends over there and decided to try my hand at Goldfish catching ^^; 




Decided to use laughing man mark as I was looking real terrible. Was sweating like mad due to all the walking and Chara Fest event earlier in the day.

 And of course, with events like this, there must be photos of girls in yukata(s). It’s the main purpose! ^^;




Didn’t take much pictures as it was 1.) Intimidating to ask and 2.) It was like finding Waldo- Girls in Yukatas. I mustered my courage anyway and asked 「すみませんが写真撮ってもいいですか?」, which means “I’m sorry but, do you mind if I take a picture?”.

Was pretty surprised that they obliged as this was different from an cosplay event where you can take photos without the fear of being given weird looks.

To round up, I think that this year’s Natsu Matsuri was pretty good as compared to the previous 2. I think it’s partially because I attended it with more friends this time round and also managed to take photos of girls in Yukata. Did wished to have taken more though.. Darn!

Below is a drawing I drew just this afternoon. Decided to throw it into this post as it’s sort of related ^^; Wanted to add in patterns to the Kimono itself but didn’t know how to.


Took me about 2hours to draw this. Still can be improved though. 

Oh! I want Japanese kids in the future! They are so darn cute! Just need to look for a Japanese wife though LOL. ^^;

Coverage on Last year’s (2006) Natsu Matsuri <Link>

Picture Information:


Artist: Chekoro
Site: Link


11 thoughts on “Natsu Matsuri 2007!”

  1. Thanks for the coverage. didn’t know such an event happens in singapore. Will look forward to it in future…(no, not the event, but the かわいい ゆたかきもの女の子たち。

    by the way, ur drawing improve!!I like it!! Ganbattene >.~

  2. To take a wide view of the crowd is rather difficult, even with the flash. But you usually don’t use a flash for that kind of photo, hence why you get a lens with Image Stabiliser or you have to play around with the manual settings. Still nice to know you were able to take photos of girls in yukatas.

  3. @Tiny Red Man: Thanks!

    @bj0rn: Which goals? I have quite alot ^^;

    @Adun: I decided to ditch the flash after taking a few shots. Was using the standard kit lens (18-55mm). Should have rented a telephotic lens to get close-ups shots though. I saw a couple of photographers using the 200/300mm but they were mostly naer the main stage.

  4. こんにちわ!! i wanted to go but i have only hear there is this まつり and no other information like where when and stuff … missed it :( sharks … do you mind like place a little information about the event and unsally when will it happen ? i really what to do next year !! extra information like price and website would be great .. ありがと :D

    Are there other japanese まつり other this this too?

  5. i’d really love to go man… but i didnt had tix and didnt relli know of details for the natsu matsuri ~_~ (im a mountain tortoise?!)
    bahh *envy envy*

  6. Yay I went after hours of begging (due to upcoming O lvls)How did you get the tickets? I had to *cough* cut the queue as my cousins were already in the front role of the queue *cough* They queued for around 3 hours but I got my tickets in minutes

  7. Seems a wonderful place for to go and take some pictures myself. If only I had received notification of this…

    Any chance of a 春/秋/冬あつり in the future?

  8. @joshua, leefe & AK: There’s only one and only Summer Matsuri that is held annually. It’s always held around this time of the year.

    Not too sure where you can get infromation on it though. Could try the Japanese Association of Singapore’s website.

    @RakugaKid: I got the tickets through my Japanese sensei.

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