Nozomi V2 – START!


And as what the title says, I have finally got to do up the version 2.0.1 of the theme which includes a new layout. What I have done here is used a 3-column K2 theme “TripleK2” and modified it to what’s known as Nozomi V2 – Absolute Customization. (Pretty coolsome eh)

Here’s some of the features

  • 3-Columns – To divide the workload on one sidebar into two, thus making it simpler in a way.
  • Avatars – I have included avatar-adding function but it’s currently for admin only. Might want to open up registrations soon so you guys can upload your own avatars!
  • Polls Sidebar Widget – Everyone loves polls.
  • Also, this site is now optimized for those with 1024 X 768 resolutions. It has always been ^^;
  • And more features that will be experimented, tweaked and modified to suit the needs of this blog and the readers!

With this new theme, I also hope that it would be much easier to read for you  guys as the width’s wider now (Fatter) and I can add in featured feeds of some of you guys’ sites. Will get to that soon. Might also want to try out the ‘Asides’ a.k.a Miniposts to keep you guys fresh with new content!

Anyway, pretty happy with how this theme is looking. After all, I have spent a couple of countless nights (and days) trying to fix some irritating bugs. Would also like to thank Adun of Moemoerabu <Link> for helping out with the checking of some of my CSS codes (I barely learnt that stuff in school so it’s mostly self-learnt) and also all of you readers for supporting as well. Have to think of some members benefits ^^;

If you guys find any issues or bugs, feel free to leave a comment here.

And oh! Image alignment is a bitch.

Picture Information:


Artist: tatsukichi
Site: Link
Series: Little Busters! (Game)


12 thoughts on “Nozomi V2 – START!”

  1. Cool nice design… People normally don’t do as much with K2 as possible so it is cool to see you working on your own customisation through it… XD

  2. It’s nice to see some of the content from the right sidebar moved to the left. Had a hard time finding stuff there before =/.

  3. @bj0rn: Maybe I should try that instead. Heard it works much better.

    @Adun: I do agree! Combined with other programming languages, you can a whole new world!

    @Danny Choo: Thanks!

    @Deranged: I haven’t done much with the theme, just editted the CSS to my liking. It’s still pretty raw though.

    @Hijiko: You should have said so! ^^;

    Also, found a small bug by myself. The sidebar polls’ kind of screwed at the moment, got to fix that ^^;

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