Ultimate Miniature Toy!


This might be the most “WTF/Only in Japan” kind of posts so far.
For just 1995 Yen, you can add +20 to creativity when taking figure photoshoots.

Toy Works have bought life to a ‘toy’, which seemed to have only been available in ero-animes due to their nature. Yes! A miniature tentacle toy!


They are available at toy shops, model stores and animation shops nation-wide at a nice price of 1995 Yen. And of course, this is only available in the land of the Kawaii, Japan. 

How would your tentacle monster ‘attack’ those female figures of yours? I don’t want to know.

Above Picture: The official page shows how you can place each individual tentacle at very nice positions (*ahem the eyes and mouth*) and they come in different colors as well! (Red, Blue and Yellow apparently)

Indeed, this will encourage more photoshoots with these toys in it ‘doing’ their thing. You can see more pictures of the toy in action in this guy’s blog. (NSFW)

So what are you waiting for?! Grab all 3 today so that you can catch em’ all!

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7 thoughts on “Ultimate Miniature Toy!”

  1. I’d never order that, but if I saw it at the dealer’s room in a con I’d pick it up if it was cheap and looks funny in person. Not funny enough to pay for international shipping though.

  2. @Tiny Red Man: I was laughing pretty hard when I saw that! LOL

    @super rats: International shipping is expensive :(

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