Updates for September


Some updates for the month of September.

Would have wanted to make this a secret but it won’t be fun ^^;

Anyway, I’ll be heading to Japan for vacation from the 12 September all the way till 28 September. A whole 16 days!

This marks my first trip to Japan alone (Been there with my family once back in 1996 but can’t remember much.). Yes, I’m feeling both excited and nervous! Excited as I’m finally stepping foot into the sacred land of the Anime/Manga/Otaku/Ero world and the possibility of meeting a whole lot of people. Nervous as I hope I’ll be able to communicate with the Japanese people (Especially if I got lost somewhere.. Hope not!)

So, what will I be doing there then?

A whole lot actually, but I don’t really have a itinerary planned out yet. Here’s just a short list.

  • Visit Akihabara, Nakano Broadway and Otome Road (No kidding!)
  • Spend a night in one of those capsule hotels & manga cafes
  • Meido Cafes! Meido Cafes!
  • Shibuya, Ginza, Ikebukuro etc.
  • Visit the other touristy places
  • Figure Photoshoot!
  • Take the Shinkansen (Bullet Train)
  • Visit Kyoto/Osaka/Nara via transportation medium mentioned above (If within budget!)
  •  Tokyo Game Show!
  • School Girls!

There are actually a whole lot more to list down, but these are the current ones I can think of at the moment. Attend an idol event maybe? Join Danny Choo of Dannychoo.com in his stormtrooping/Darth Vader-ing “raids” ? Any suggestions? 

  ^ Cool Otaku Version of The Map of Japan
(Click for Super Size me!) 

For those wondering about my accommodation, it’s been taken care of. Will be staying at my friend’s place during the trip so I’ll be able to keep you guys updates as well. ^^;

For those who would want me to help buy stuff for you, I have to kindly decline. It’s my first trip down, so I don’t know how much stuff I would be bringing back. Sorry about that.  ^^;

And as the famous quote goes

“One small step for Man, One giant leap for mankind!”
(“One small step for Windbell, One giant change in the future!”)

(P.S Will add those who have requested exchange of links soon. Been packing for this trip.)

(P.S.S Solved the bug for the sidebar polls. Seems like the sidebar polls was interfering with the one in the “Nozomi V2’s” post. Split the post with the more tag and it’s alright now. Have to search the author’s site for an update.)

(P.S.S.S Been sneezing a lot lately. Hopes no one has been talking about me behind my back. Or could it be a cute/hot ‘tsundere’ girl actually? :p)


17 thoughts on “Updates for September”

  1. Join Danny Choo of Dannychoo.com in his stormtrooping/Darth Vader-ing “raids” ?~

    DO IT =D.

    Visit the universities and sit in class for the hell of it =P (given that it’s a class you can just walk in and sit down).

    Or… pack a loli into your luggage XD.

    I’ve been sneezing a bit too, damn allergies ;__;.

  2. Cool itenerary! I may go to Japan either this winter or next summer depending on what’s on tap for work. If you have time,go to the Gunpla factory in Shizuoka and bring me each of every kind. j/k Have fun!

  3. It’s typhoon high season in Japan(^^;. We had severely hit a typhoon i the last week.

    I hope you don’t encounter a typhoon…

    “School Girls!”..uumm? What does this mean ?

  4. >>> Visit the universities and sit in class for the hell of it =P (given that it’s a class you can just walk in and sit down).

    I did that very often until few month ago.

  5. Such a shame that you missed all the events. But at least you can scourer through Akiba and find what ever is left over. Also I demand you take lots of pictures! I assume you are taking the SLR with you? LOTS OF PICS!

  6. @Tsubaki: Shipping would be expensive :(

    @Hijiko: Hope I can do that ^^;

    @Ranth: Thanks!

    @Otaku Surf: Not too much of a gandum fan unfortunately ^^;

    @Tiny Red Man: LOL! I wish. And thanks.

    @don777: I hope I don’t encounter the typhoon.
    P.S To look at the school girls. 日本でかわいい美少女はいっぱいですよね ^^;

    @maglor: It’s known as crashing lectures/classes isn’t it?

    @Adun: Yeah, real unforunate as school breaks are on the weirdest periods of the year.

    @Tragic Comedy, alafista: Will do.

    @double: Haha. Will be catching it!

    @jay: Helps crub some of the ageing & declining population don’t you think ^^

  7. you WILL love japan, especially akihabara hehe
    I couldnt find nakano broadway and otome road tho..

    Most japanese can’t speak english, and if they do, they use katakana english :D

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