Japanese Maid Cafes!


I popped my Japanese Meido Cafe Cherry after visiting not one, but two meido cafes in a night!

Last Saturday, I met up with don777 in Akiba where we had dinner at Tenya. It was just after dinner when don777 asked the sacred question

“Do you have any plans after this?”

“No, not really”

“Why don’t we visit a meido cafe then?”

“EHH?! …Uhm… Ok…”

We then headed off to the first maid cafe 「mai lish」. On our way there, I kept having thoughts of how vastly different the cafe would be as compared to the one back in Singapore and also the cafes portrayed in Anime/Manga etc.

After a short 10 minutes walk, we were at 「mai lish」.

^ Seems sleazy eh ^^;

There was a queue already formed outside the cafe. don777 explained that it was due to there being a special event. Yes, a “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu” event where the ‘meido-chans’ cosplay & even crossdress. So, you have a whole bunch of cute,lively girls cosplaying as your favorite character!


We had to wait for quite a bit before entering. I guess it was really crowded that day.


Upon entering, we were greeted by a lively Mikuru/Haruhi (?). It was like an “Otaku’s” dream.

Like all meido cafes, there’s the unspoken rule of ‘No Photography’. It’s probably to protect the girls identity from stalkers and such – But I think the actual reason is to protect their business model where they have the point card system which one can accumulate points with the amount they spend. Once a certain amount requirement has been met, you can take photos with the meido-chan of your choice.

^ Only happens in your dreams and cosplay unfortunately :(

After being ushered to our seats, we quickly took a look at the menu. I ordered Iced Lemon tea while don777 ordered something else. There was also cakes, hot & cold drinks available. Can’t remember if there was beer or something.

Guess who served us?

It was no other than Nagato Yuki! She did give the emotionless expression. Can’t imagine what will happen if it was Haruhi or Mikuru. Probably like what happened in Lucky Star?

Haruhi would give a “tsun tsun” reply while Mikuru would probably go “Classified Information”. ^^;




^ Pamphlet and Hand wipe from Mai Lish

We left mai lish shortly after, where we headed to the second maid cafe!

The second cafe has probably more well-known to those who have watched the fourth episode of Doujin Work. It’s no other than “Cafe with Cat” 「カフェ ウィズ キャット」, the cosplay cafe situated in Toranoana, Akihabara.

(Cafe With Cat, Just above Toranoana)


We were greeted by a very cute maid as well (MOE~!) I actually prefer “Cafe With Cat” as it is situated at a much better location (Being just above Toranoana) and it’s nearer to Akihabara Station. Besides that, the interior design is really superb and I really like how it over looks the main road.

The point card system is also used in 「Cafe with Cat」 as well. Zer0’s blog has a post on 「Cafe with Cat」 where he explained on  the point system. Doujin Work Episode 4 has Najimi, who’s working as a Maid there. In that episode, Hoshi invoked his accumulated points to get Najimi to do her magic.

^ Very very moe~!

I had Strawberry cake (Which tasted rather good) while don777 had tea. There was also manga and a couple of anime magazines at a shelf where the customers can pick up and read. Sort of like a Manga cafe as well I guess.

I can’t say much about both 「mai lish」 and 「Cafe with Cat」 as it’s only my first. However, I think I’ll prefer going to 「Cafe with Cat」 (Reasons above). I wouldn’t mind heading back to these Cafes again. Only if I had cybernetic eyes like Batou from Ghost in the Shell…

Would also like to especially thank don777 for treating me. ほんとにありがとうございました!It was nice meeting you!

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20 thoughts on “Japanese Maid Cafes!”

  1. wow great stuff. sounds like fun. Mai:lish and Cafe with Cat are pretty much the most famous maid cafe’s for foreigners due to the anime coverage they got.

  2. Nice post. Thanks.

    Yes, Most maid cafe(including Mailish) serve alcoholic beverage.
    You are lucky to drop in “Suzumiya Heruhi” night(^^).

    I wish you enjoy the rest of your holiday in Tokyo.

  3. *nosebleed~~ erm..when/where did u took that picture? Did you:

    1) Took it while the meidos aren’t looking.

    2) Took it with permission from the meido?

    3) Took it from Googling “Pantsu meidos?”

  4. @icie: Yeah, I think so too.

    @don777: Trip in Tokyo’s ending. It was nice meeting you ^^;

    @Zer0: LOL

    @Alafista: Helps rid off the excess blood :p

    @Mitsuki_Hayase: Too expensive to bring them back.

    @ルルーシュ.ランペルージ: ケンタイオおやじじじゃね

    @Tiny Red Man: 3rd option. Google

    @Tsubaki: I wished I had one T A T

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