Moetan Snack


Bought a box of “Moetan” snack while shopping in Akihabara the other day. I have only seen the Maid Cookies and this was definitely something new and funny.

Yay for Pastel Ink!


And Ink-chan in her normal form. Both are cute anyway.

I wasn’t really expecting much out of this and bought it out of humor ^^;


A girl who “tranforms” (transforms) into a witch is Japanese culture – LOL
A delicious souvenir from AKIHABARA – Even bigger LOL


「This is the most mysterious tale upheld between a stupid witch and a preparetory student 」 – I almost laughed my ass off when I saw this statement!


The internationalization of OTAKU & Akihabara.


There are instructions on how to use this as well!

1.  「下腹部取出し口より出てくるおやつをとるべし!」
(Something about having it as a afternoon refreshment)

2. 「出てきたおやつの英語例文を読むべし!」
(Read the English model sentences during afternoon refreshment(?))

3. 「底面に入っているおまけキャラクタ入り英単語カードから答えを探すべし!」
(Someone help translate this please!)

4. 「さあご褒美だ!おいしいコーヒーみるくぱい」
(And as a reward, enjoy some delicious coffee together with Ink-chan
and get to touch her)

The box consists of 15 packets of ‘coffee milk pie’, together with 5 English flashcards. Each flashcard has a screenshot of the anime.


On each packet, there would be a question asking for the meaning of a word. For example, “What’s the meaning of sustain?”. You can then refer to the back of the flashcard for the meaning and a sentence example.


Sustain – It’s the nerds who are sustaining Japan’s economy (LOL)


And there you have it, a lovely “Midnight snack” with kawaii illustrations of Ink-chan on it! For a cheap price of 800 Yen, it would be a perfect souvenir for your family and friends!

And yes, I was joking about being able to touch Ink-chan ^^;


13 thoughts on “Moetan Snack”

  1. “Sustain – It’s the nerds who are sustaining Japan’s economy (LOL)”

    ROFL… *inhales*… HAHAHAHHAHAAA

    At least they are smart enough to realise that =P.

  2. Excellent! But to understand the jokes fully, you have to understand japanese… What? They are not supposed to be jokes? *laughs*

  3. (And as a reward, enjoy some delicious coffee together with Ink-chan
    and get to touch her)

    I was LOL-ing when I saw that line. Too bad it isn’t true.

  4. 底面に入っているおまけキャラクタ入り英単語カードから答えを探すべし
    got bored and pasted it into a translator

    Should search answering from the being defeated character entering English word card which has entered into the base

    ok the translator sucks…

  5. 3. 「底面に入っているおまけキャラクタ入り英単語カードから答えを探すべし!」
    find the answer card with character images in it from the back.(?)

    well we know that nihonjins often make “gyagu” lol

  6. @Funya: Me too…

    @Soshi: I guess it cost a lot more if they had to do that.

    @Hijiko: Haha. That’s the only card out of the five that was funny though.

    @D_Blade: More of instructions I guess…

    @alafista: But I guess you can just imagine you’re enjoying a cup of coffee with Ink-chan ^^;

    @Itachi∞ & xenapior: Hahaha.

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