Tokyo Game Show 2007 – Girls


Just for you guys, and girls :p

Presenting to you, the girls of TGS!









She looks absolutely lovely in that armor!



 Should have gotten another shot of them girls. Darn!


Devil-girl anyone?


The girl on the left is cute! When I asked her for a picture. She quickly grabbed her partner for a group shot! Ah~ melts my heart ^^;


Levio Swimsuit girls. There were alot of photographers hawking around the are trying to get shots while the 2 blokes in front spoiling the fun by blocking. Too bad I didn’t had a telephoto lens ORZ





Okay, truth is, there wasn’t really much good looking ones at TGS. I guess the companies didn’t allocate enough funds for hiring cute girls for the event :(

\Photography Notes/ 

Used a EF 17-40mm together with a Speedlite 580 EX Mark II. I am still very new to using flash so I didn’t really know how to utilize it. Guess I have to go for more events ^^;

7 thoughts on “Tokyo Game Show 2007 – Girls”

  1. Do you have a diffuser for your flash? Having one will make a difference when taking portrait shots. Judging form your shots, they’re probably a little underexposed, but that can be fixed in PS.

    Some nice girls there though. I wish I was there~~

  2. @Adun: Yes. I was using an exposure setting of 2 on the flash if I recall. Maybe it’s because I’m still very n00b to the whole flash thing ^^;

    @Tiny Red Man: Yes they were, yes they were.

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