Tokyo Game Show 2007


That’s the stuff I was given over at TGS – There are free files too!

It’s my first to TGS (Tokyo Game Show), which is also the biggest game convention I have ever been. I was amazed at the number of people there as well. It was real crazy.

<Picture Intensive Post!>

    ^ Just ignore the picture on the advertisement ^^;

Traveling to Mukurari Messe (That darn place) took quite a while. We had to take the Chou Line all the way to Tokyo Station, walk about 600m to transfer to the Keiyo Line and another 40 minutes train journey to “Kaihim Makuhari” Station. A total of 2 hours train ride! @.@ 

The trains where packed like hell. This was as it’s the first day of the two-public days the public get to enter.


Upon reaching, there were swarms of people. I wonder if it’s the same for Comiket.


    ^ Barely halfway through!





The Press and Visitor Application Form holders went separated routes from the general crowd. I think I should have applied for the Visitor Application Form as well. 


We had to then line up to enter in batches. It was real hot as well. 


While waiting, they had this airship play announcements and stuff.


    ^ YAY! Finally entering the halls.




Koei with their screen-on-the-ceiling. Real impressive. Too bad your neck’s gonna hurt if you look up at the screen for long periods. 


Cykan with their FPS, Paperman. Looks pretty alright. I grabbed their goodie bag straight away as I could use it to store the other freebies to come ^^;


This picture came out kinda blur as I snapped it while walking. A 270 minutes wait! I guess the Japanese really like queuing up ^^;


Xbox 360 and their Devil Man Cry 4. Looks good.


Microsoft girls were standing behind the fencing. I wonder why. Let us take photos of you!


Square Enix with Final Fantasy.


More people lining up for Ninja Gaiden II. Saw the video demo of the game. Looks really good with all the new weapons.


A corner for Video Games Museum. A timeline with all the game consoles that have been introduced till now.


SNK had some talk show thing. Left after 10 seconds as it was boring.



Konami with MGS (Metal Gear Solid) if I recall. 



Sega with Gallian Chronic, a 3D cell-shaded game. Interesting.


Playstation 3, DualShock 3 and 165 minutes of wait.


Some of the Lievo girls trying out a MMORPG. The girls are looking good!



Promotion for the new Haruhi game if I recall.




A DS game with all the Sakura Wars (Taisen) girls in it. I only played Sakura Wars 3, but it was good stuff.


Whoops! No Photography!

This bloke blocked my view by using his file. Ah well, the AU games wasn’t that interesting anyway.  


“D Ambition” didn’t had much people visiting their booths. Poor thing.


Need the name of the two girls in that poster! Does anyone know?


G-mode with Kimi Kisu and some other game. They have nice illustrations of cute girls.


Some merchandise over at TGS. Maybe I should have bought a COSPA shirt or two. 


The cosplayer section. Lotsa people as well.


Pretty strict rules. Didn’t take any photos of the cosplayers as they didn’t look good (shite)

And guess who I saw over at TGS?


Hirano Aya herself! But I was obstructed by the 5000 people that was in front of me T A T

Should have rented a EF-500mm or something ^^; That I would definitely be able to get good shots.


Quick shot before leaving TGS.

There are more TGS coverage over at , Akihabaranews and also Kotaku.  

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  1. Agh I hate emoticons because of mistakes like that.

    I meant to say: I AM EXTREMELY ENVIOUS! It shall be my 5-year-goal to make it to the TGS in the future, haha. Thanks for the awesome photos!

    The cosplay photo rules are retarded though… Like, did anyone actually follow them? The whole, subject’s background must be a wall thing?

  2. @Soshi: People did follow the rules. They had like portable white wallscrolls (?) for people to stand in front of to do professional shooting.

    Thanks for the comment!

    @Tsubaki: Noooo.. My Ninmu ORZ

    @Tiny Red Man: Yeah, there were many gaijins as well. I guess it is a TGS is the biggests game show event now that E3 has shrunk in size.


    Nice pics, must have been exciting going to the TGS for the first time.

    Still doesn’t changed the fact you failed to get a certain pic

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