Updates for October

   ^ “The usage of condoms reduce birthrate. Go raw!” 

Damn, it’s October already!

Would like to inform you guys that I would be busier for the following months to come as I’ll be attached to a company for internship over a period of  4 months as my final semester (Internship starts next week!).

Will be working on creating an events webcasting portal using tools such as Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver and Flash over at a company that’s about 15 minutes walk away from my place ^^;

What’s the pros and cons then?

I’d be able to get first hand experience working with people currently in the working world, and also be able to improve my proficiency in the tools mentioned above. It’s a real advantage that I already have some experience in using them. Would be also getting paid as well but it’s probably measly just sufficient to cover my Japan trip.

The cons would include having to think up new content for this blog whenever I have a break or some free period. Also, I would be working a 9 – 6, which would probably tire me out. Will work out something somehow ^^;

Okay, besides the announcement of my internship, I will be tuning this site for a bit. Besides new content, will try to implement a registration system were you readers can register and upload an avatar of your own, etc. Also, will be working a bit more on the “Miniposts” section that’s currently lying on the right sidebar. Probably posts that don’t really seem to fit in the main posts. I wonder if I should throw in a chatbox similiar to Dannychoo’s Puchi Blurbs…

There is also JLPT that’s coming up in December. Registered for JLPT 4 to test my proficiency level. Got to play some of em’ eroges and novel games!

Just a clear up for some of you readers. Yes, I’m back in Singapore already. I wished I could have stayed in Japan much longer though. Get a apartment, job, girlfriend and then wife and some kids. 16 days was definitely not enough! I’m missing Japan already!

Singapore’s where the food is. Japan’s where my heart is ^^;

Top picture’s from the eroge called “Hoshiful” that was just released a few days back. I think AMR (Akane Makes Revolution) did some of the character illustrations. Might want to try it out… the girls look yummy!


18 thoughts on “Updates for October”

  1. congratulations on finding a placement, however the hours do seem a little over the top. First hand experience is always the best to learn and you get to network your way into the work industry. Work hard, earn money, go on another trip =).

  2. Best of luck to you, then!

    Never overdo it while not slacking, define everything in advance and adapt to changes, etc. Straightforward, logical stuff.

    On a lighter note, I thought of another caption for your image:
    “Hey, who do you think I am? We are not close enough, and I am not that easy to conquer either. You failed”.
    Males pictured in eroge got too much for granted (in their way of wooing girls). No, really.

  3. thx for the reminder for JLPT4….havent study T_T.. and me too, although i haven been to japan, but my heart is already there. so, if you see an empty body walking around without a heart, that’s me.

  4. @Zeroblade: I’ve never been able to sit down and try an eroge ^^;

    @Hijiko: Yeah, it’s an hour extra. Good thing’s that it is near my place, so I get to avoid rush hour!

    @Tragic Comedy: Sure

    @D_Blade: Thanks! I LOL-ed at your caption! I think it’s better than mine.

    @Tiny Red Man: Oh yeah, you’re sitting for JLPT this year as well. Don’t worry, you’ll et there someday!

  5. Best of luck on your internship, learning to use those tools will greatly help your career if you’re going to make graphics your career choice.

  6. @jousha: Thanks! And good luck for your Os next year.

    @Kesenaitsumi: Haha. I hope it helps

    @AS: Thanks as well. It’s probably more of a review of the tools as I have used them before ^^;

    @Danny Choo: いやいや。お陰さまで!

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