And as what the title and picture says – 1000 comments Thanks!

Yes! We have reached the first milestone, the 1000 comments mark. Though it might feel little to some of you guys, but I think that I do need to thank all you readers for helping in achieving this milestone. 

A lot of you have noticed that I haven’t been updating frequently. Reason is simple – I have been training up for my National service with a help of a personal trainer. It gets real tiring and I haven’t been able to think of new posts as well. Of course, this is just a excuse. Give me a while more and we’ll be back with daily posts!

And about the picture, it’s a quick 1 hour job I did specially for this post. It may not be the best, cleanest or nicest artwork, but it’s what I can do for now to show the appreciation to all you readers. In time to come, I hope I can draw out much more professional drawings! Especially to be able to bring out the ‘moe-ness’ and ‘ecchi-ness’ ^^;

(P.S That drawing is the last drawing on the last page of my first ever sketchbook! Now, onward to the second one!)  

(P.S.S Actually hit 1000 comments about a month back… but didn’t had time to draw out an artwork ^^;)

17 thoughts on “1000 comments!”

  1. Congratulations! Let’s go for the 1500 mark now! ;)

    I don’t draw often, but I guess I should devote more time to it (as well as reading books that are not required for class).
    I should play less videogames at the same time. *Sigh*

    Just do your best!

  2. 1000 comments eh? Congratulations and work hard on that training. National service must suck =x.

    PS: Interesting eraser… lol

  3. @bj0rn: Thanks! WordPress keeps track on the number of comments over at the dashboard.

    @zenical: Haha. Remember to add to them in the future!

    @D_Blade: I’ll probably go for the 2000 or 5000 mark ^^;

    @Adun, double, Kouji: Thanks! Will be blogging more, so stay tuned!

    @Zer0: As what tragic_comedy has said. They are on the rather more expensive side though. I heard that the 0.7 Blue leads are cheaper compared to the 0.5 counterpart. Easily available in Kino.

    @tragic_comedy: Just reminded me to add you to blog links ^^;

    @Hijiko: Yeah, two years of labour! The eraser an artist eraser.

    @AS: Thanks!

    @Danny Choo: Thanks! Just don’t eat her up please ^^; Don’t know if she will be the site mascot ATM but will consider.

    @don777: Thanks! I like Japanese stationery as they are cute. We can find the Kadokeshi eraser in Kinokuniya.


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