Kodomo no Jikan 1/1 Figure


Fans of Kokonoe Rin from Kodomo no Jikan can now rejoice as Figure Maker CM’snveils their near 1/1 scale vinyl figure of her.

It is not sure when the soft vinyl figure of Rin will be released, nor what the price it, but I do believe the fans can start saving up for this precious figure ^^;

  ^ Look at the difference in size!

Pictured together with the figure above is Kitamura Ero (She’s cute~), the seiyuu of Rin in the anime. This item is however going to be tough to ship from Japan back home I believe. Not too sure if there is a castoff-able function… but let’s all pray that CM’s makes a special castoff-able figure or something ^^;

Don’t think I would get something like that as it looks rather scary…



This figure also kinda reminds me of the ‘Haruhi is Human‘ post over at DannyChoo.com . Guess porting 2D characters into life-size 3D figures isn’t really going to work out. Have to give the sculptors credit for the details placed in this figure though.

More pictures can be found on the CM’s page (Link below). Do hope more information will be up in the future.

Still prefer the 2D version of Rin anyway ^^;

Source: Via Heisei Democracy
Pictures via CM’s

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10 thoughts on “Kodomo no Jikan 1/1 Figure”

  1. Delicious extremely Delicious…. If only they would do this to the greatest loli ever Sakura from Cardcapter sakura

  2. Seriously, gotta give her joints a workover so she perform.

    THAT would be awesome. I would make this if I had a furnace and the casting materials.

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