Voice-equipped Ero Dakimakura

  ^ Don’t mind if it’s these 2 girls ^^; 

Feeling lonely even with that Dakimakura and Anime bedsheet on your bed?

Have no fear as Toranoana just has it’s preorders open for a voice-equipped Amami Karin Dakimakura from Flying Shine’s Kurai Mirai 4 (Dark Future)!

So what’s with the voice-equipped Dakimakura then?

sam01 sam02(1)
   ^ Lovely pair of eyes… 

It will feature 4 different sound clips of the game’s heroine, who is voiced by Kanzaki Kanari, which will be inserted into the Dakimakura as a detachable voice box. The sample voice clips can be downloaded from the main page itself. Just make sure you plug in headphones as they are very very ecchi sounding. Would make a guy much more awake then sleepy. ^^;

The Dakimakura will retail at a very nice price of 9,240 yen (Roughly about the price of a eroge), and is double sided with very lovely illustrations at both sides, with dimensions of 145cm x 15cm.

Pre-orders are from October 5th till October 14th so you better make a decision quick! Release date are expected to be from Mid or late November onwards. Would make a lovely Christmas present ^^;

So, will you be getting one of these?

Source: Via Heisei Democracy

Picture Information:


Series: Ar Tonelico
Characters: Misha Arsellec Lune (Left) & Aurica Nestmile (Right)


5 thoughts on “Voice-equipped Ero Dakimakura”

  1. Not a kyonyuu fan. :P

    Although I agree with how those voice samples are.

    I could probably set my cell phone to play something similar (as an alarm) for other dakimakura that I own… *shifty eyes*

  2. Would love to have one??? How about already ordered one! I’m not terribly fond of the pictures they used but I swore to myself that if ever I could have a chance to sleep with Karin that I would. Well this is as close as I’ll ever get… *sigh*

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