Happy Moe Day!



Happy Moe Day!

And yes! Today is (un)offically known as Moe Day. It is the 10th of October which is written as 「十月十日」 in both Japanese and Chinese Kanji. When you add and mix them up together, you get the word 「萌」.

Check wikipedia’s entry on 「萌え」 if you believe I made it up ^^;

Of course, Moe day is a official day in this blog!

While surfing for a nice top picture for this post, I came across a couple of funny pictures when I used “moe” as the search term.


This is known as the Moe chart, where you determine the type of moe by filtering out the attributes accordingly… ^^;

And below’s the other picture.


The words above basically translates to “Basic Body Proportions of a Moe Drawing”. Don’t know how it would be useful in anyway but I’ll be sticking with the standard proportions of drawing ^^;

Will try to draw a nice moe picture soon! 

 How will you be celebrating Moe Day?

Picture Information:


Artist: 放電映像


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