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Don’t know how many of you readers remember the ‘MOE computers!’ post I did back in June, but this time, this one beats them hands down!

And as what the title suggests, Maid Computers!

An Meido Cafe in Akihabara, known as 「メイドステーション・カフェ」 (Maid Station Cafe) has started bringing in computers fitted with a ‘meido’ shaped chassis.


These Otaku-oriented PCs are fitted with Mini-ITX boards, together with a HDD and a optical drive. Together with the nice short skirt, frills and zettai ryouiki, I definitely don’t mind having one of these.

^ Very simple and clean design.


They seem to call it the 「M4125」. There’s a site link at the bottom of the card but I haven’t had time to check it out.

^ Hmm… Lovely ^^;


2 of the M4125 (Don’t they have more Moe-ish names?!) set up and equipped with the respective LCD screens and keyboard.

I don’t know if you can head down to Maid Station Cafe to try those out but from the pictures, it seem to imply that it’s possible.

Won’t mind getting one of these actually, just wonder where the start button is ^^; (Thinks of Chii from Chobits). Do hope that there will be computers like Chii in the future XD

Thanks to Shia for the heads up!

Source: Via Akibablog


16 thoughts on “Maid Computers”

  1. May you have horrible nightmares… *erm* I mean sweet dreams when you have that kind of stuff near your bed.

    I’d be spooked out to hell if I were the unlucky owner of this.
    So, no, no thanks.

    Boulayman, please don’t talk about woes, as I do think it will happen one day. *laughs*

    Totali, I thought you really were interested. Too bad, eh. ;)

    Jokes aside, I’m sure they will create a Sailor Fuku version in the near future. *shivers uncontrollably*

  2. @Boulayman: LOL. Maid Tvs. Won’t want to have it atm ^^; Too scary

    @Totali: That would be expensive.

    @mervyn: Yes! Chii! Wonder if it’s soft ^^;

    @Tragic Comedy: But most Mannequin are quite life-less.

    @AS: Haha. That’s so true.

    @Adun: Yes, I want one. Get me one!

    @D_Blade: My thoughts exactly! Following that would be a full body…

    @Hijiko: Welcome back to the Otaku world!

    @double: That’s true I guess. Makes you want to maintain the computer every week or so.

    @Akiraman & Kesenaitsumi: Yes. Chobits!

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