Japan Loot Teaser


This is just a teaser post of my loot from Japan ^^;

Wanted to do this very much earlier but I’m currently tied on time lately due to Internship/Attachment and other commitments. Will do a proper post on the loot soon.

You might be able to recognize some of the books. Try guessing!

(P.S That’s barely 1/3 ~ 1/4 of the bigger loot ^^;)

12 thoughts on “Japan Loot Teaser”

  1. Ahhhh, nothing like the start of popular animes becoming doujins lol. I assume the rest of your loot is ero in nature as well ^^.

  2. @Tiny Red Man: No no, those are stickers which says ‘It is meant for adults’ ^^;

    @Deranged: Thanks. Somehow I think I overspent…

    @Deathy: Can’t give you that ^^;

    @Tragic Comedy: Yes, Lots of Rin stuff indeed.

    @Adun: In a while more. Let you guys droll over these first ^^;

    @Zeroblade: LOL. I didn’t have that enough of cash to spent till that level!

    @AS: Maybe ^^;

    @alafista: No fetishes! I no kid!

    @foxhound: Thanks! I though I add her to the picture to make it look nice.

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