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Don’t know how many of your readers have heard of Kimi Kiss, but for it, it seeing a lot of advertisement on the internets. I even remember getting a 2006 July Issue of Famitsu Wave as the cover was featuring the Kimi Kiss girls!

Despite all the eroges that’s floating around, Kimi Kiss isn’t ero in nature compared to some of the other counterparts. I actually like this idea as they try to ‘protect’ their characters from all the ‘ero-positions’ out there. Not that I mind though.

If you don’t fancy the ero-stuff but still want some love story with ecchi pictures, do read on.

Just yesterday, I was given a link to one of the pages of one of the KimiKiss manga adaptations, Kimikiss ~various heroines- (キミキス ~various heroines~).

^ Image grabbed from

I remember seeing while I was in Akihabara, Japan. Didn’t grab it because of it’s not-that-attractive front cover.

However, after taking at the link given, I decided to give it a go.

KimiKiss - Various Heroines - v01 - c01 - 21
^ Mao-neechan’s sexy thigh..hmm!

The storyline of the manga seems to follow the game quite closely – You play as a high school boy who’s just come back from a lonely summer break. Will you end your high school career having never known a kiss? You decide to spend the new school year making sure to get some lip action.

I never did own a PS2 so I didn’t managed to play it, but won’t mind a PC port ^^: The first book focuses on Mao-neechan, the male character’s childhood friend. It’s probably one character per book, so probably 6 books featuring all the girls.

KimiKiss - Various Heroines - v01 - c01 - 17
^ Yeah, absolutely!

The character designs aren’t too bad as well. I do really like some of the illustrations! Very Yummy.

I won’t compare this with Love Hina as even though they seem to have similar male protagonist in somewhat similar situations, I think they are on different levels. Besides Various Heroines, there are also 2 other books – KimiKiss ~lyrical contact~ and KimiKiss ~sweet lips~ (キミキス ~スウィートリップス~). They can be bought from I added them to my shopping cart already ^^;

If you prefer the translated version, scanlations for volume 1, chapters 1 – 6 are out. Just do some googling. Search terms include Plumcity, Kimikiss Various Heroines…

So, if you would like some light-hearted love romance with kissing scenes, do try out Kimi Kiss – Various Heroines – .

BTW, Anyone started on the anime yet? How is it?



9 thoughts on “Kimi Kiss – Various Heroines”

  1. Started watching the show. Graphics are quite good to me, and after 2 episodes I still want to know what’ll be next.
    But i’m still surprised about how main character can easily forget Mao’s face in only 2 years xD

  2. The first two episodes have been very nicely animated so far and it’s definitely one of many favorites that seem to have popped up this season. Also, it has the same director as Honey & Clover and Nodame Cantible so it’s sure to be a good anime in the long run, too. (though there have been some seemingly major changes to the scanlated chapters of Various Heroines)

  3. The anime does have good potential, it’s definitely on my to watch-list. Now… to find the scans of the manga…

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