Though I do a post about my intern as some of you guys have asked about it.

It’s been 2 weeks since I have started on my internship. First thought I would be boring shit as that’s what I heard from some of my classmates who did theirs during the previous semester.

I would say it has been a pretty exciting 2 weeks for me. Even though I started off with boring stuff like doing user guides for dotnetnuke (DNN), a CMS (Content Management System), I have now been tasked to do web site testing to check for logical flow, doing a bit of ‘hacking’ and SQL injection. Even had the chance to attend meetings with the boss outside the company for doing a great job in the web site testing! ^^

Boss did ask if I wanted to do any projects. I replied, asking for a php-based project and seems like he has something for me! Good opportunity to pick up some of those php programming skills! Unfortunately, my company doesn’t seem to go by monetary bonuses so I would be stuck with my measly pay. Don’t really mind though as I’m there to gain experience. Was asked if I would like to work under a contract after my internship but I said I’d consider about it. Have other plans after internship ^^;

The working world is definitely a new world with different experiences. Hope I can spearhead through it!

Picture not related to post but would like to ask – Have you entered the washroom by accident while a cute girl’s using it? Happened to me a couple of times ^^;

(P.S Did wished there were hot OLs in the office ORZ)


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  1. It’s always about the work experience first, pay second =P. For us, there generally isn’t a pay raise until you start your second term. It’s nice how they are already considering you for a placement after the internship, at least you have one “secure” route to go if all else fails.

    Wait… Windbell has a little sister?

  2. How else would you bump into a cubicle and a girl happens to be using it unless you’re at home? o_O if you’re in a public place, you probably have to walk in the wrong toilet, find it not strange not to have urinals, and search for a cubicle instead. And a few times at that. :P I bet Windbell didn’t do it accidentally!

  3. “Have you entered the washroom by accident while a cute girl’s using it? Happened to me a couple of times ^^;”

    Is there any special trick to this?

  4. Your talk of work has left me in despair. I do not think I would do well in the work field if I had to work in an office environment which is why I hope to get into engineering but bleh…

    Your internship sounds great. I guess getting actual work done is easier if it is something that interest you…

  5. @double: Thanks

    @alafista: Entered by mistake ^^;

    @ルルーシュ・ランペールジ: Things like these do happen. Walked into a female washroom by accident before.

    @Hijiko: That’s nice. I don’t know if having this ‘secure’ route will be a good thing.

    …Yes, I have a little sister named Er-, I mean I don’t have a little sister.

    @Zeroblade: If she’s hot, it’s a yes!

    @l-lawliet: Getting drunk would help ^^;

    @Dark Koji: It’s all ninja tricks! Can’t reveal em’ unfortunately.

    @Deranged: I didn’t enjoy the first week of work but it got better when you start interacting with your co-workers. I’m kinda okay with being in an office environment – Personal preference I guess.

  6. Let me guess, in fact your post picture is linked to your first impression of internship… Right?

    As for toilet oopsies, this never happened to me (Or I rather say I prevent them from ever happening). Curiosity never made me go that…low (?)
    Why? Because I don’t want to have my share of slaps, kicks and punches in the gut (You never know when that happens, so a definite no here).
    Yep, even if I love women. XD

    Anyway, hope you have lots of fun… Er- that you work hard and well. Best of luck to you.

  7. At least having a secure route is better than having none. You can always continue to work there, but still be actively searching for a new one.

    And I call BS on that little sister statement!!! =P

  8. Seems like you joined a pretty good company for internship. SQL and php has the in thing nowadays. Couple them with web 2.0 technologies and you can do alot. It’s hard to find techy companies with hot babes though.

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