Japan Loot


Captain Windbell went hunting over at the land of Japan where he met many a enemies.

What he brought back wasn’t crates of gold but something much more precious!

Walk the plank to find out!


<Might Include Not Safe For Work Images>


Included in the loot was many books that contain artworks of girls! And many of which were known to be “For Adult Pirates only” which restricted younger pirates below the age of 18 from viewing. Those poor youngsters.

Not only that, these books had the girls in many nice positions that weren’t commonly seen in the outside world. Most were only demonstrated during the depths of the night.


Some of the booty had also very rare goods such as ‘Tony Taka’ artbook which was the talk of the town just a few weeks back. Somehow, the captain bought quite a bit of Lucky Star ‘doujinshis’ (A term which they use to describe some of these books) as well.  


There were also these cushion-like thing which was commonly referred as the ‘mousepad’. The Cap got a few of these and also some of those files which was used for documentation.


Okay, that was a terrible story. Anyway, these are the pictures of my loot. There are one or two more photos coming up which would mostly cover posters and stuff.

Would probably do reviews of some of my loot but no promises on when it would be done. Just too busy at the moment ^^;



18 thoughts on “Japan Loot”

  1. Captain, we got signal. Hawt girls detect, need instructions.

    Nice doujinshis and I hope the inside are good as the covers, sometimes I get a huge disappointment when the cover art is fantastic but the inside is just…dirty (not in the pervert male way).

  2. @Deathy: Yeah, I understand what you mean. Some of the shops have a sample book which either shows some samples sticked at the back of the book or they just the whole book where you can flip thru.

    @Deranged: Thanks!

    @AS: They are for illustration purposes and drawing inspiration. I kid you not ^^;

  3. OMG!! I spy some rare Clannad stuff!!! Should really have asked you to ‘tom pang’ some things for me. Shall meet up to talk soon when you are free! ^(‘v’)^

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