Moe Ringtones

^ “Kyaa~ Minaide!”

Was looking through some of my loot from Japan when I came around one of those DVD extras that came with one of the artbooks. Really love those extras as they always come with something interesting, be it wallpapers, sound themes etc.

Found these sound themes on the DVD and though to share them with you. I remember doing a ringtone post back in January.

^ Yes please!

The first message ringtone is for you readers with the Kouhai 「後輩」 fetish (Junior schoolmate) ^^;

Every time you receive a text message, it goes

“新着メールですよ・・・先輩!” In a cheerful voice
(Senior! You’ve got a new mail!)
Download link here

This is especially useful at any place. You can even trick your friends into thinking you have got a junior over at your place. Just play this ringtone while chatting to them over the phone.

^ Her or your mail?

The second message ringtone’s for those who love their girls dressed up in costumes serving you. That’s right! Waitresses.

(Here! You’ve got mail!”)
Download link here

In a cute voice that I don’t know whether I want to take a look at my mail or at her ^^;

^ Haruka-neesama! <3

The last message ringtone’s probably for those who have the onee-sama fetish! Or actually, more of the OL type. This ringtone combines the ‘authority’ of the onee-sama and yet the kindness into it!

(Hmm.. You’ve got a new message~!”
Download link here


^ Head back home and have two lovely girls say ‘Gokurousama~!’

There is actually one more of these sound themes, but it isn’t really meant to be used as a message tone. Instead, I think it’s much more suitable as a theme to be used when you shutdown your pc. Here it is.

“ご苦労様~ (ごくろうさま)”
(Gokurousama~ | Trans: I appreciate your efforts)
Download link here

Your PC thanking you for your hard work ^^;

And these are the tones I wanted to share with you guys. If you have more of these sound themes, do share! ^^;

[P.S: Tried configuring podpress but didn’t know how to get it to display individual file links]


24 thoughts on “Moe Ringtones”

  1. Wow these are really nice ringtones. I’m currently using a mixture of ringtones from the Nagi Character CD and some voices of gravure idols.

  2. haha that’s fantastic! Thanks I was thinking of tunning my phone with something like this ^^
    Ho and btw, where did you find that gorgeous first pic of Alice? I ♥ it :D

  3. @alafista: How do they sound like? Really moe?

    @Zeroblade: Go find out! And you can join us in the moe! ^^;

    @Chraen: No problem. Am trying to find a maid one as well

    @Nem: Hahaha. I would love to try that one out as well. “meru-meru~!”

    @Soshi: Just don’t nosebleed too much from hearing it ^^;

    @ルルーシュ・ランペールジ: Usually grab them from Omake discs

    @Tiny Red Man: Guess have to search for them… or try using Vocaloid 2 to produce one myself

    @lu-k: I searched thru the imageboards. Can read more about them here –

    @Hijiko: NO U!

  4. Very nice lol, its a lot of work to make these, especially make them sound good. If I weren’t so lazy I would probably try to make one from a bunch of moe anime lol. Now to transfer those sounds to my phone ^^.

  5. I’ve been following your blog for 3 days now and i should say i am starting to like your post. and now how do i subscribe to your blog?
    Please email me how to subscribe your blog?
    thanks :)

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