Mascot Character Draft 1


Decided to deviate from some PHP programming for the night (Some new functions for the blog) and continue drawing for a bit.

Don’t know if this girl’s going to be the mascot character. This drawing’s still very much incomplete. You can see that her legs aren’t fully drawn yet. She’s supposed to hold onto her skirt over at her left hand but I suck I drawing gravity-conforming skirts ^^;

Still thinking of how the mascot character will be like. Probably will go with the twintail + zettai ryouiki + tsundere combination. Do want to draw out a character based on these factors.

And no, you can’t eat her! ((((ヽ(`0´)ノ))))バーリアッ


17 thoughts on “Mascot Character Draft 1”

  1. You concentrate on pose too much. Mascot should be something recognisable in any position. You need to work on clothing, hair, facial features (hheh) and body. Right now she is little undefined.

  2. Looking good so far, but try not to do so much. Sometimes doing more than enough is just as bad as doing nothing at all. Can’t wait to see how it comes out in the end, especially the eyes and I mean the ones on the head ^^.

  3. Good going. Show us the result when you’re done… And don’t forget, no hurries.

    Eat her? Sorry, I don’t feel hungry right now. Relieved? ;)

  4. Judging from the description, you might as well as draw Rin. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if you did =P.

  5. @TheBigN: Hahaha. Thanks!

    @GmorG_McRoth: Don’t you always start with the pose first? But I do have to agree, it’s need working on.

    @Deranged, AS & D_Blade: Will do. Thanks!

    @Bj0rn: WOO HOO indeed!

    @Zeroblade: It is supposed to be moe~!

    @Tiny Red Man: That’s great! ^^;

    @Hijiko: Shh….. But Rin’s copyrighted… :(

    @Tragic Comedy: Will require your help on it.

    @alafista: Haha. Go go go!

    @Danny Choo: No eatz! ((((ヽ(`0´)ノ))))バーリアッ

  6. @ルルーシュ・ランペルージ: There needs to be some clothes. Make it much more erotic ^^:

    @MistaYoH: Thanks!

    @Zer0: NO WAY. Dawn Yang looks good but don’t think she’s a walking anime character.

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