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Just received my JLPT notification letter in the mail box today.

Applied for JLPT 4 (That’s the lowest level, with one being the highest) and got unfortunately assigned to the test center over at The Japanese school in Changi. That’s like the other side of the mainland from where I stay.  And the place is a pain in the bottom to get to as there’s only one bus service from the nearest train station to there.

Starting to wonder if I should have applied for JLPT 3 instead… or just skip 3 and go for 2 next year ^^;

So who’s going on the 2nd of December as well?


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  1. and there’s actually more than one bus service there…besides 2 from tanah merah there’s 5 from simei or pasir ris and 37 from tampines…

  2. i just received my not long ago..upon reaching home, i saw it sitting in front of my computer…it’s totally the same….and i think i’ll be talking a tekusi down…hiaz..studying is….T_T;

    wondering should i even reg instead…lol..

  3. I voted on 3 but I’m not really sure, but somewhere around there.
    …still got ways to got OTL

    And not going on 2nd December because tests apparently already passed here. : / (well, I’d need to go to Denmark or something anyways to take it but still)

    Good luck anyway!

  4. I’m taking JLPT Level 4 even though I technically don’t have the qualifications for it lol
    Its’ strange though, I got my test voucher, but no letter in the mail. And the test site’s like, at the very end of a train line (it takes an hour for me to commute to the middle of it).

  5. /me throws windbell into a room with nothing but study books.

    No distractions until you pass >=|

    PS: Good luck =D

  6. I was planning on doing the JLPT this year, but I got a job instead and never got around to learning anymore Japanese.

    FIGHTO dayo!

  7. Ah, I had mine at the Changi campus too last year! All the best ne? :D I’m hoping to take JLPT 2 next year and SOMEDAY PWN DARKMIRAGE LOLLL.

    Skipping right to 2 is well. er… kind of sucidal from what I’ve heard. The jump from 4 to 3 isn’t that hard, but the difference between 3 and 2 is supposedly astronomical.


  8. i, What Soshi said for JLPT2 is right. But if you are able the remember all the required vocab and kanji. The grammar part might not be a big problem through a year’s intensive training.

  9. @double: You’re moving on pretty fast ^^; 早いぞう!

    @Xak: Does it stop just outside the school? Or do you have to walk?

    @Matsuo Ryou: whyz?! Go back!

    @Tiny Red Man: I think taking a cab down on that day would be a wise choice.

    @TehShien & AS: Thanks!

    @griever: 2 is hard! Good luck! ^o^

    @bj0rN: Practice more we need.

    @Zeroblade: Wow. That’s really far. Hope you get there on time!

    @Lenners: Same to you!

    @ルルーシュ・ランペルージ: That’s like the other side of the island for you ^^; Can you give me your JLPT 2 certificate if you pass? I wants to photoshops.

    @Hijiko: What?! No Rin? :(

    @Zer0: ありがとう!がんばります!

    @Adun: LOL. EXCUSES :p Thanks anyway

    @Soshi: LOLLL! I have heard that skipping right to 2 from 4 is sucidal…. but it can be done! 俺のドリルは天国突くのドリルだ!

    @Rudolf: I hope that will be possible. I only have a year left :/

  10. Man~ seeing this letter somehow makes me feels nostalgic! haha! I passed Lv 3 some time back and am planning to get back into action next year but not sure if I’m up to it since I’ve stopped studying for more than 2.5 years and my skills most probably dropped back to level er 5! hahah! Soshi, let’s tackle that alien level 2! WHOOHOO! LOL

  11. I’ll be there on the 2nd as well, but for JLPT3. I think 1 and 3 are in the afternoon, 2 and 4 in the morning. がんばりましょう!

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