Japan Loot – Akane Makes Revolution!


Just a bit more of my Japan loot. This time, it’s Akane Makes Revolution!

I grabbed these from Lashinbang (Paid them of course ^^;), the usual otaku spot for me while in Japan. It was all on impulse due to the ‘OMFG AMR illustrations!’ that was burning in me during that time.

   ^ Summer Paper Bag! Konata or Yukata?! (Front)

First off, a couple of pictures of the largest items inside. These are actually part of the Summer set (Comiket 72) and Winter set (Comiket 71) which was sold then. The Comiket 72’s set had a paper bag (seen above), clear post, pencil board (Shitajiki) and the Hayate no Gotoku paper fan (With Hayate in maid’s costume ORZ) peeking from the side on the first picture.

   ^ Or do you prefer Shirley or C.C? (Back)

 Below’s pictures of the Winter set’s paper bag.

   ^ C.C(?) and that girl from To Heart 2 XR iirc. Names anyone? (Front)

   ^ Nanoha and Fate! (Back)

 The paper bags are so cutesy that I don’t think I’ll be able to use them ^^;


Besides the paper bags, there’s Kachou Fugetsu Full Illustration Book 「花鳥風月フルカラーイラスト本」.  

Kachou Fugestsu roughly means the beauties of nature or artistic pursuits involving nature themes (Grabbed the translation off WWWJDIC).

Somehow, I do think AMR has chose a very suitable name for this book. The ‘beauties of nature’ could probably be referring to the girls, while the ‘artistic pursuits involving nature themes’ would explain the background used in each illustration – The lack of any form of man-made structures and such.


Ok, enough talking, time for some more pictures!




   ^ Won’t mind a Louise in those clothes whenever I wake up  

Besides these, AMR has also a own “orijinal” character.


Which seems to love carrots a lot…

In the Winter set, there’s an artbook titled “Rainbow Color’s” but it isn’t exactly full color. Pun on the name eh ^^;



The real deal is however, the year 2007 Calendar that comes together with it. Full color illustrations! Lovely.





And to complement the calendar is a Black & White book that shows her sketches of each illustration used in it.


 Unfortunately, I just realized that I have 2 months more left before the year 2007 ends. Can’t make full use of the calendar ORZ



And the remainder of the goods which include a Code Geass (C.C & Shirley) shitajiki (Same illustration as the paper bag), a Higurashi poster (Very lovely girls) and a Tsuruya keychain which I won’t dare to use ^^; Not going to use that Hayate fan either…

There are still some more loot which are hidden in the depths of my treasure chest. Wear the eyepatch and grab a parrot and stay tuned to find out more!



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  1. No… you subconsciously want to use that Hayate fan~~~ use it~~~, it’s not and your AC is broken, UUUSE ITTTTTT~~~~~~~


    Nice loot, when am I going to get my share D=.

  2. @double: That’s for me to know and for you to find out ^^;

    @Xak: Yesu~!

    @Deathy: Won’t mind having them spread.

    @TehShien: Wonder if any girls will be fangirling over it ^^;

    @AS: Hinagiku is teh win!

    @Hijiko: NO~~~~~~~! You’ll get your share when you ship that new MacBook Pro over.

    @ルルーシュ・ランペルージ: Louise wants me to touch her!

    @l-lawliet: NO~! /me runs away

    @Soshi: Shhhh! ^^;

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