My Hashi Bra

  ^ Would you rather use me or my chopsticks?  

Good to start the day off with a nice rice set meal when you realized that you ran out of chopsticks. Have no fear as the cutesy girl sitting on opposite takes out a pair of chopsticks from her “My Hashi bra”.

Lingerie maker Triumph International has integrated what seems to be the most commonly used eating utensils into a funky bra, together with a rice bowl and a serving of miso soup as the bra design.

^ Girl in the video is cute

“My Hashi Bra” (My Chopsticks Bra) has basically a compartment at the side of the bra where you can conveniently stash a pair of collapsible chopsticks. This idea was thought of in other to reduce the number of disposable chopsticks used in Japan, and promote environmentally friendly measures. 

Besides being eco-friendly, the holsters used to hold the chopsticks will help in increasing the cleavage while pushing the breasts.

Don’t know if it would work out but a “My Viagra Bra/Briefs” would seem to be a better idea… ^^;

(P.S Will stick the image into the ‘Moe Picture of the day’ function soon.)

Source: Via ITN – Chopstick bra’s an uplifting experience 


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  1. @Deathy: Hehehe ^^;

    @Totali: I guess that’s somewhat true.

    @DS: LOL

    @AS: That would be very tough.

    @icie: If only you can get mini-hashish stick :)

    @Kesenaitsumi: You mean *ahem* self-pleasuring *ahem* ? ^^;

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