Doujinshi Plastic Wrapping


While looking through my Japan Loot, I realized that it wouldn’t be feasible if I had to carefully remove the clear plastic bag that’s protecting the doujinshis every time I need to fa- look for illustration examples.

Feeling rather fed up with that, I’ve decided to plastic wrap my books.

I never do much plastic wrapping for my books back in secondary school except when necessary. But with artbooks/doujins, it’s a must. Funny that when it comes to artbooks/doujins, I get very picky about keeping them at near “disaster-free”, eliminating most of the possibilities of the books getting damaged (Ex. Scratched book cover, dog-eared corners, friends that *might* come over and accidentely squirt their soldiers on the books etc) 

This means plastic wrapping them and keeping them in the book selves from all the bad people ^^;

I remember when I got my first artbook (MOE SIDE) 3 years back, I fanatically found ways to keep it in a good condition. My mom though I was crazy with such an obsession of keeping the artbooks in ‘mint’ condition; But it has paid off. \o/ 

Of course, plastic wrapping a book will take some time, but like they say, great things require patience. Grab a cutting board, a pair of scissors, penknife, plastic sheet (readily available in the stationary stores) and sticky tape and you will be able to ‘preserve’ the lifespan of your precious books in no time! ^^;

And oh, the book (Star Platinum) in the picture’s from BLACK DOG, a popular doujin circle that specializes in drawing the raunchiest Sailormoon doujins (One of my fetishes They have very nice long legs hohoho). Sailor Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Venus FTW!

So, do you plastic wrap (or other methods) your doujins/artbooks/manga/etc?


11 thoughts on “Doujinshi Plastic Wrapping”

  1. There is a local manga store that provides the plastic bags with each purchase, other than that all my manga are open to destruction. So I rarely touch them and put them away in a drawer to protect it from exposure, plus I know whats going to happen and just don’t feel like reading it because of that knowledge. I remember watching sailor moon but reading doujin of it is not my thing.

  2. @Deathy: I have a couple of artbooks too that requires wrapping. I have the digital copies of the doujinshis for fast fa- browsing as well, but it’s nice to have the physical copy ^^;

    @Deranged: Yay! (High fives!)

    @AS: They do? That’s nice. I haven’t visited most of the local stores over here in a bit.

    @Danny Choo: Shhh~! Oh noes you found outs my sekret!!!11oneone

    @double: I generally don’t wrap my manga(s) as I find it too troublesome. I do keep them in the Kinokuniya Bag whenever I bring them out – Protects em’ from the environment!

  3. Thumbs up for protecting your manga! Very good for avoiding fingerprints, dust, water (huh?!) and umm… personal male gel (Huh?!! And not talking about shaving cream, no, no).
    Guess Sailor Venus is still my favorite of the bunch otherwise.

    Sometimes making custom drawings of your favorite characters is good too (Guess why?), given if you are someone who draws well (Okay, who said “drawer”?!). Me, if I do/did that? Ah, I won’t say anything more. *Jammed and cut communication* ;)

    Don’t worry about telling the world you fa-I mean you relieve yourself from physiological pressure. It’s normal, at least to me. *Runs away promptly now*

  4. we american comics peoples are no different too…! :3

    we all might have fought tooth and nail, sweat blood and toil over the acquisitions of these books. so, i feel ya when it comes to going to great great lengths of persistently preserving those priceless preciouses (ooh, an alliteration!).

    (some unnecessary ‘trivia’ and balderdash)
    i turn into a magnificently angry girl whenever someone fugs my artbooks and comics upside down! rarrrrh. be it thumbprint, bent cover, or stains of biological/gastronomical sources (GOD FORBID, coffee and shit literally happened to one of my loaned-out books before. no one ever drizzled man-icing though phew).

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