Tsundere Akichan



If you’re in the middle of work, middle of a meeting ,in school at the moment or have kids nearby , you might want to keep your web browser’s window as small as possible before proceeding.

Else, douzo! (Go Ahead)

This is probably the most not safe for work post on this blog. Actually, it isn’t really that ‘Not Safe for Work’ but it’s good as a precaution.

Have seen some pretty funny pictures since I hopped onto the internets but nothing as funny as this.



Tsuntsun ver.


(It..It’s not like I want to go home together with you. It’s just that we’re headed at the same direction that’s why..)

Hole can be stretched up till 6mm.


Deredere ver.


(Sorry about what happened… It’s just that it was embarrassing then…)

Hole tightens due to dere personality.

The rest of the text have too much kanji and there’s the annoying onomatopoeia (I suck at doing translations LOL), but you should get the general meaning from the picture. Just think tsundere!

Wonder if anyone has moar pictures of Aki-chan (the girl in the fleshlight picture). ^^;

Tsundere Fleshlight anyone?

Found this image via Neta

(P.S Will stick the top image onto “Moe Picture of the Day” soon. Anyone knows her name?!)


7 thoughts on “Tsundere Akichan”

  1. Kinda odd of you ask me. I was almost going to joke on the fact that the pictures with the transversal view made me think of those trilobite fossils, but… ah, too late, I said it.

    And those explanations are even worse than the lamest eroge scenarios… I think?

    Conclusion, no better than the Nude Cup. Rejected! ;)

    P.S.: As for you Aki-Chan, sorry but you’re not my type. Please don’t kill me now. X(

  2. Same as Mr.Choo here. I am more interested in the girl in the first picture than Aki-Chan. Looks like she is from some eroge, too.

  3. @Danny Choo: Her name’s 「桐島さくら」 (Kirishima Sakura) and she’s from the eroge ‘SakuraSakura’ (さくらさくら)that’s scheduled to be out in Winter. Check Pg.130, December issue of Dengeki Hime ^^;

    @D_Blade: See above. Will post her picture up soon.

  4. hello mr. windbell,
    i’m kanryu, currently looking for pics that can be add up for themes that i make, i wonder if i can get your permission to use the pics the top above there for my website? please reply to my e-mail. If you say no, i will bring the pics down and use other pics. thank you.


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