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  ^ Pantsu! 

I guess many of you guys would have already noticed the cutesy images on the right sidebar ^^;

Introducing a new feature – Moe Picture of the Day!

Why a “Moe Picture of the Day?” you may ask. Haven’t really got a reason but it’s probably to share ‘moe’ pictures that I come across and also to practice some of the PHP skills I’ve just recently picked up. ^^;

So what will the feature display? 

The basics functions include the original dimensions of the image, file size and the download link of the image. Will try to do tagging for the images so as to include artist name, circle name and artist link (uncensored version of the image even) but will take time for that.

The code for this function is currently very simple, but it does the job well. I am able to upload the images via a script, and then run it thru a image resizer to thumbnail and save it before displaying it. Have to manually edit a tiny part of the script everytime I upload a new picture but will figure out how to store it in a database and automatically display it. Give me a few more months of development (I’m still very new to PHP! ^^;)

I haven’t got a sandbox probably set up for proper testing except on localhost which explains the error codes you might have saw at time. Very sorry about that!

Would also like to thank Danny of for helping me out for some parts of the coding as well!

What do you think of the new feature? Would really love to hear your comments!

(P.S Sorry for the lack of updates for the past few days. My computer has been acting up again (BSOD due to nvstor.sys) but managed to get a workaround to it)

(P.S.S Uploaded the 「桐島さくら」 (Kirishima Sakura) picture to the ‘Moe Picture of the Day’ that was in the ‘Tsundere Akichan’ post. She’s from the eroge ‘SakuraSakura’ (さくらさくら), due to be released in Winter.)

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  1. Even if I am not into loli characters (I guess I said it too many times and this a bit everywhere now), I find this a funny, well-thought and cool little function (to attract and keep visitors? *laughs*). Now about secretly saving those images, I have to regret saying that it is still…”no”. ^^;

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