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Animation Nation 2007, an annual event that features independent films, starts tomorrow!

One of the main films I’ve gotten tickets for is none other than Makoto Shinkai’s ‘Byousoku 5cm’. Remember just a few months back I was hoping it would come onto the big screens, and the Gods of Anime must have heard me or something and kindly brought it over.

Tickets have been pretty sold out for the first screening and due to popular demand, the organizers have decided to host another screening on 1st Dec 2007, 12.30pm. I won’t mind going for a second screening as well  but would appreciate some company (or a cute girl LOL) as I’d definitely tear and cry during the movie. Having visited the real life places during my Japan trip will contribute to that as well.

Besides Byousoku 5cm, there’s also ‘Freedom Project’ which will be screened this Saturday, 9pm. Tickets are still available at the moment but you better grab them quick. Vong Yong How of Halcyonrealm (our very own Singaporean working in the Project Freedom Committee) will be present after the screening for a short Q & A session so better prepare those questions quickly. I’ve a couple of questions to ask as well ^^;

For those wanting to catch the second screening of Byousoku 5cm have better reserve the tickets quickly as it’s bound to be sold out! I am very much hoping that they bring Makoto Shinkai over as well but the chances are close to nil. ORZ

Byousoku 5cm E-ticketing Counter

So, who’s going to catch these films as well?

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7 thoughts on “Byousoku 5cm in Singapore”

  1. I wouldn’t mind going for the second screening. Watching Byousoku 5 cm on a large screen would be totally awesome. Just drop me a message if you are going for it.

  2. lol, i didnt tear, but my eyes got watery. For the subs, th it just feels kinda werid on how they translate it.( for some parts only, the rest was great). Like at the starting of the show, when takaki’s senpai walk in and say “tohno-kun” they put it as “hi” werid lol

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